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  1. Izmir versus Tel Aviv: shop, nightlife, things to do - World
  2. Best country to move to: low crime, live in, safe - World
  3. What countries take almost no different to move to?: to live, expensive - World
  4. Do Westerners seem more shy of eye contact than other cultures?: Brazilian, Australians - World
  5. 30 most famous skyscrapers/towers in the world today: finance, buildings
  6. Do certain cities in Thailand make Las Vegas look like Vatican City?: how much - World
  7. Professional boundaries and culture: lawyer, home, employment - World
  8. Are there places in the West still stuck in the Industrial Age?: real estate - World
  9. Realistic immigration options with my skills/education: fit in, sales - World
  10. US, stronger sanctions against North Korea: house, construction, military - World
  11. What nationalities are considered attractive in the western world? (male ): ethnicity
  12. UK American Civil War tribute: 2015, military, dangerous - World
  13. Got my Teaching degree, help me decide were to teach.: job openings, schools - World
  14. Felix Baumgartner - Red Bull Stratos - Space Jump: money, soccer - World
  15. News, The Island Where People Forget to Die.: house, live - World
  16. Berlusconi sentenced to four years: buying, tax, prices - World
  17. Wealthiest parts of India?: home, neighborhoods, weddings - World
  18. Living in the Baghdad Green Zone: military, to work, American - World
  19. Online information from you.: appointed, sale, lease - World
  20. Solution for North Korea's Missile Launch: food, deal, Korean - World
  21. Time to move on, but i have no idea where, my targets are UK, SF and Va: houses - World
  22. Situation in egypt: university, rich, station - World
  23. Most favorite caves in the world?: parks, pictures, near
  24. Cultural Capitals of Countries: towns, definition, moved - World
  25. North Korea's launching missile is: 2013, stores, cars - World
  26. Countries where certified organic food is readily available?: sale, how much - World
  27. News, Serbian Fisherman Rescues Suicidal Bridge Jumpers.: live, title - World
  28. THE ONION: Kim Jong Um of NKorea: Sexiest Man Alive (tee hee): living in - World
  29. If you could only spend time in 7 different time zones...: live in, travel - World
  30. Best and Worst Countries for Vegetarians: food, best place, places - World
  31. News, Mayoral Candidate Uses Porn to Lure Voters.: mayor, town - World
  32. News, Benghazi Anti-Militia Protest: Libyans March Against Armed Groups After U.S. Embassy Attack.: building - World
  33. How do people sound around the world?: living, rated
  34. L'île de La Réunion (Indian Ocean, France): home, airport - World
  35. Christmas trees in your city: home, shop, rich - World
  36. Free communication.: to live in, cars, distance - World
  37. Why are consumer goods so cheap in the U.S.?: middle-class, appliances - World
  38. Corruption Perceptions Index 2012, Aus #7, Can #9, Ger #13, UK #17, US #19, Fra #22: how much, rank - World
  39. Country bordering on two or more oceans...: airport, Australian - World
  40. Do you think Canadians sound like Americans?: accent, Australian - World
  41. What do people think about Miami???: appointed, hotels, luxury - World
  42. Capitals of different regions in the world: metropolitan, cities
  43. What do a native Americans really look like?: college, live - World
  44. Is the United Arab Emirates becoming a world-class country?: construction, camps
  45. 10 North Koreans elites defect: camp, to live, price - World
  46. What country offers a better quality of life: US or Canada?: apartments, crime - World
  47. When is the cheapest time to fly to Israel?: rent, crime rates - World
  48. How are Indians viewed in the Middle East?: wedding, buy - World
  49. One thing you wish people didn't say about your country?: friendly, work - World
  50. What city has world's best quality of life?: crime rates, living in
  51. Istanbul vs Rome: appointed, to buy, restaurants - World
  52. Animals associated with Countries...: live in, snake, Russian - World
  53. What's the best country (iyo) for ____: employment, neighborhood, theatre - World
  54. What is the Greatest City in World History?: car insurance, house
  55. Moscow versus Istanbul: neighborhoods, restaurants, shop - World
  56. The where would you spend a week? game: living, bars - World
  57. Why aren't American shops more fun ?: sales, pharmacies - World
  58. Which Countries Seem Very Spiritual, Which Seem Less So?: middle-class, live - World
  59. Christmas customs around the world: house, unemployed, movies
  60. Tiny Country -- Advantages and Disadvantages: living in, food, medical - World
  61. Most important city throughout history?: oil, cities, Persian - World
  62. What countries are NOT HATED by: live, friendly - World
  63. Landlocked vs. Pure Island (Countries): to live in, land, rated - World
  64. The 10 Most Interesting Islands in the World: home, land
  65. Which 5 'average' faces' do you find most attractive?: title, Russian - World
  66. How you view the United States?: middle-class, wages, rich - World
  67. Why do so many Americans seek to adopt foreign children when there are so many kids in the U.S. homes?: fit in, apartments - World
  68. Financial Capital of the World: New York or London?: insurance, centers
  69. Countries where stores are closed on Sundays?: how much, pharmacies - World
  70. Pet-peeve ideology or belief in countries around the world?...: homes, movies
  71. What is the first thing that comes up in your mind when think of Korea?: school, babysitter - World
  72. World countries - cultural capitals: theater, legal, beaches
  73. Sell me your Language!: home, business, rain - World
  74. Countries Where Gangnam Style Wasn't a Hit: live in, shopping mall - World
  75. Crossing borders: playing cat and mouse?: transporting, crime, credit card - World
  76. What are immigrants saying about the place you live?: real estate, good schools - World
  77. Will Asian pop culture eventually get a stronghold on the West?: movies, live - World
  78. Best countries to be born (your thoughts on this figure): 2013, place to live - World
  79. Russia - Questions and answers: apartments, houses, to buy - World
  80. Canada or Australia- Which Has More Overweight/ Obese People?: vs, statistics - World
  81. Which country has the LEAST scary traffic?: buy, train - World
  82. Sterotypical Country Humor: how much, live, cars - World
  83. Is the US's economy THAT right winged?: sale, insurance - World
  84. Argentina Presses Claim For Falkland Islands - Opinion?: 2013, living - World
  85. Does life in certain countries seem to foster depression more?: living in, statistics - World
  86. Opinions of people worldwide about the city of São Paulo: appointed, crime rate
  87. Why Latinas girls are so... i mean they have this temperament: health, money - World
  88. Why do so many people hate america?: school, contractors - World
  89. If money wasn't an issue, where would you spend your honeymoon?: hotel, houses - World
  90. What do you know about UK cities OTHER than London?: rent, school - World
  91. What is the difference between 'Persian' and 'Arabic'?: vs, design - World
  92. Religious geography/demography that might surprise the uninformed: neighborhoods, high school - World
  93. American expats and failing economy what will you?: income, living in - World
  94. Do students in your country work?: middle-class, houses, high school - World
  95. North Korea’s rocket costs as much as a year’s worth of food: how much, to buy - World
  96. Do you think Korean, Japanese.culture will gradually change the ideal perception of male beauty in the West?: gated, areas - World
  97. BosWash cities vs Pearl River Delta cities: best city, neighborhoods - World
  98. Women's Safety --- Rape uproar in India: crime, living in - World
  99. Most bilingual/multilingual cities?: neighborhoods, live, floor - World
  100. Native pronunciation of foreign cities and countries--obnoxious or just correct?: to live, island - World
  101. Favourite City in the Former British Empire, circa 1900: cities, island - World
  102. Which country has the scariest traffic?: taxi, live, dangerous - World
  103. If you could exchange a neighbouring country: land, best - World
  104. Merry Christmas: health, atheist, year - World
  105. Healthcare system in your country: sales, health insurance, how much - World
  106. Miss Universe - just happened to see the final 5 and the names called: college, versus - World
  107. Do restaurants, hotels, in your country offer free WiFi?: to buy, stores - World
  108. Southern Europe Vs. Western U.S.: calculation, living, cost of living - World
  109. Do people who live in developed countries have a skewed perspective on life and reality?: rent, get credit - World
  110. When you travel the world, do people judge you more by your race or your nationaly?: Hispanic, Australian
  111. Best country to be homeless in: section 8, house, to live - World
  112. What is the capital of Latin America?: club, design - World
  113. Which nationality of women are the best fighters? (physically): high school, military - World
  114. First countries on your mind when you hear MAFIA...: live, fence - World
  115. Is it harder to make friends in the West than other countries?: apartment, how much - World
  116. Are Australians or Canadians Friendlier?: live, vs., friendly - World
  117. Which one is the laziest country?: credit, home, unemployment - World
  118. Why is it that most tropical cities are in poverty?: income, mold - World
  119. Underrated cities in the world.: beaches, architecture, best
  120. What is your mother tongue?: living in, Polish, system - World
  121. Are Americans aware of more than one stereotype in the UK?: movies, university - World
  122. How popular are instant bank transfers in Europe?: rent, credit card - World
  123. Pick one country per continent to live in: taxes, Thai - World
  124. American Cities and their foreign counterparts: title, buildings, town - World
  125. Which Country has the best economy?: unemployment rate, buy, wages - World
  126. Do you think of the Caucasus as more Asian or European?: Persian, place - World
  127. Have you ever lived in another country?: home, school - World
  128. Latin America vs Africa: crime, pros and cons, quality of life - World
  129. People who live in the USA getting sick of it?: credit card, how much - World
  130. Where are you from people?: move, best, place - World
  131. Are Asians going to become the majority in United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand day?: quality of life, to move - World
  132. News, ‘Poorest president’ donates 90% of his salary.: live, residential - World
  133. Why does CityData have so many race issue threads?: racist, best - World
  134. Is it a small world or a big world?: living in, trains
  135. What cultures are as insane as Russians?: mortgage, credit - World
  136. Countries that share borders which are very different from each other: Dominican, Argentina - World
  137. What are pairs of countries that are really similar?: island, population - World
  138. Which city would you choose for______: live in, nightlife, architecture - World
  139. How often do people eat out in your country?: apartments, home - World
  140. Prices Worldwide: apartment, rental, hotel
  141. What Cities In The World Have The Most For A World Class EDM Nightclub: rentals, neighborhoods
  142. Western cultures that are the most different to the Anglosphere?: places, ethnicity - World
  143. If the entire world was one country, what would be the capital of the world?: location, population
  144. What islands have you visited, which ones do you hope to visit in the near future?: beach, yard - World
  145. Are You a Follower: house, school, living in - World
  146. Are blonde hair and blue eyes really admired in countries where most people don't have features?: luxury, living in - World
  147. Most multicultural country in the world?: homes, luxury, school
  148. Largest countries with the least amount of influence?: stats, rich - World
  149. Are bad urban areas in Western Europe as dangerous as urban areas in America?: crime rates, home - World
  150. Biggest/most important cities that are not capitals?: standard of living, transportation - World
  151. Where do you get yours news from?: live, radio - World
  152. Travel to Russia.: renting, hotels, buy - World
  153. Where the millionaires live: credit, live in, gas - World
  154. Cities around the world that are KNOWN for architecture: neighbourhoods, best
  155. Affordable But Developed Countries: low income, fit in, find a job - World
  156. Countries/Regions that hire Americans into office jobs?: credit, university - World
  157. Largest KFC in the World Opens in Baku!: school, restaurant
  158. Why English speakers don't (generally) like learning other languages?: to buy, primary school - World
  159. Seeking my utopia: No smoke, no drink, no lies, no rules... No place?: cinema, live in - World
  160. Parts of countries that really 'belong' more to their neighbouring countries: live, things to do - World
  161. Most Futuristic Looking City: cities, Chinese, about - World
  162. California (vs) España: live in, safety, transportation - World
  163. What Are Your 7 Manmade Wonders Of The World?: construction, cost
  164. Your Favorite Countries (A-Z): high income, living in, safer - World
  165. How far are you from the nearest international border?: home, live in - World
  166. Why is Sunday a regular work day in Israel?: live in, shops - World
  167. How safe/dangerous is Eastern Europe on average?: neighborhood, rich - World
  168. travel to london-paris in january... worth it? how to tell no to my mom?: to rent, salary - World
  169. Most Beautiful Ethnicity: Korean, Vietnamese, cities - World
  170. Four Temperaments - Nationalities: Filipino, Brazilian, rain - World
  171. EPI: English Proficiency Index: school, universities, live - World
  172. Your Favorite Cities (A-Z): living, vacation, best - World
  173. which 1st world countries have the least government intervention ?: credit, house
  174. What cities feel big for their size (population)? What cities feel small for their size?: houses, living in - World
  175. Most difficult accents to understand?: title, island, place - World
  176. What cities in the world are like this?: university, live
  177. Do you ever feel like you don't belong in the country you were born in?: home, living in - World
  178. Are there countries where the teenagers aren't Americanized?: house, movies - World
  179. help me choose a city to live in...artsy, happy relationships, smart people: homes, neighborhoods - World
  180. Which bodies of water have you swum in?: swimming, Thai - World
  181. Top 10 most materialistic countries?: buy, luxury, live - World
  182. First World Countries with (relatively) Free Markets AND good Work-Life Balance: vacation, donations
  183. Survery~Most ExPat Friendly, Safe and cheap country to live?: real estate, crime - World
  184. Least sexually promiscuous Western European countries?: find a job, living, moving - World
  185. Pros/Cons of Countries You Have Lived In: apartment, car insurance - World
  186. What 'ethnic group (s)' do I belong to? Does the idea make sense in my case?: school, to live - World
  187. Concrete housing/apartments in the US: apartment complex, insurance, condo - World
  188. Is globalization a good or bad thing?: buying, living in - World
  189. Bad luck numbers in different countries across the globe: apartment, condo - World
  190. What ethnicity would you guess I am?: Lebanese, cities - World
  191. How do you view the Burj Khalifa?: hotel, cost - World
  192. Behind The Glamorous Life: video, should - World
  193. The biggest problem in Northeast Asia: amusement park, to buy, prices - World
  194. Free and Open Internet Meeting.: news, today - World
  195. Somalia to get first female foreign minister: cabinet, cabin - World
  196. North Korea creates Kim Jong-il award: estimated, date, violations - World
  197. Summer / Winter city pairings: buying, living in, retiree - World
  198. Re(de)fining my utopia, Part 2: No vice, and now, no nice ... No dice?: appointed - World
  199. Help for entering Israel kibbutz: phone number, assistance, friends - World
  200. Which countries have the biggest/smallest urban/rural divide?: suburbs, friendly - World