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  80. Seriously, why am I still single?: dating, girlfriend, married, girls - Relationships
  81. Pure jealousy: wife, marriage, man, love - Relationships
  82. Turn ONS: guys, love, husband, personality - Relationships
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  84. Marriage...are men as enthused as women?: wives, boyfriend, single - Relationships
  85. I that when women see my foreplay ads, they think I'm looking for a relationship????: sex, friends - Relationships
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  103. He wants me to fly up to spend a week with him: women, older - Relationships
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  105. The Lone Ranger Or Zorro? Alpha Male?: women, kid, good looking - Relationships
  106. Do you think about what others will think before you do something?: wife, single - Relationships
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  113. Relationships has to be the best forum on CD....: guys, love
  114. Single parent co-worker: dating, marriage, women, love - Relationships
  115. Starting to notice that women would rather text, email or instant message you instead of CALLING you: dating, boyfriend - Relationships
  116. How many people need 24 hours notice before going out on a date with someone they haven't met: women, love - Relationships
  117. Is your SO like this?: boyfriend, how to, men, friend - Relationships
  118. Your better half...alike or different?: wife, love, dance, separate - Relationships
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  120. people don't have sex - is this true?: woman, friends, relations - Relationships
  121. obligations after sex: dating, boyfriend, woman, love - Relationships
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  123. Self help books: dating, wife, how to, love - Relationships
  124. Body Language: date, screaming, people, like - Relationships
  125. don't want kids? when do you bring this up to someone you are dating?: woman, love - Relationships
  126. Being intrigued a somebody who works in the same firm as me: married, women - Relationships
  127. My Internet is Down .....: guys, husband, call, crying - Relationships
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  133. When you love someone, you do stupid things...AGREE OR DISAGREE?: girlfriend, girl - Relationships
  134. Really, what do I say to this?: girlfriend, women, friend - Relationships
  135. Relationships in Professional Sports: wives, girlfriends, married, women
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  139. Am I old?: family, friends, couple, feeling - Relationships
  140. What do you think makes YOU a good person?: older, narcissistic, people - Relationships
  141. reasonable turnaround time for phone calls: girl, calling, interested, settle - Relationships
  142. Older Men Looking for a Nurse or a Purse: date, wife, how to - Relationships
  143. For of you who are married?: wife, mother-in-law, love - Relationships
  144. Girls, I need insight. How do you react or feel when a guy just comes up and starts talking to you?: date, how to - Relationships
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  147. Am I being selfish and unfair?: pictures, brother - Relationships
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  170. are not questions I want to hear from unattractive or attached women at a job: dating, wife - Relationships
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  175. i have a new crush :): date, girlfriend, men, love - Relationships
  176. For the Dude, when you hear the following: dating, married, woman - Relationships
  177. why is it so difficult for me to date in la?: dating, marriage - Relationships
  178. Biggest cliches used to describe himself/herself.: dating, Asian, how to - Relationships
  179. flirting or leading-on: man, love, young, sex - Relationships
  180. boyfriend is bored with me: guy, living together, reason, bf - Relationships
  181. Being Confronted With The Truth: calling, partner, respect, party - Relationships
  182. Whose shoes would you walk in?: kids, clothes, famous, people - Relationships
  183. Have you ever imagined or had a fantasy about someone you just met?: boyfriend, girl - Relationships
  184. Normal age to get married?: date, marriage, women, love - Relationships
  185. Sex with someone who has a boyfriend/ or girlfriend if you're a girl: marriages, girls - Relationships
  186. So, how many of you are famous (for whatever reason)?: women, people - Relationships
  187. Affairs: wives, boyfriend, marriage, women - Relationships
  188. What is your best advice for getting over someone?: dating, women, love - Relationships
  189. what do you think about.../would you date someone who.../racial/porn/cheaters/what does it mean when he/she does...: wife, girlfriend - Relationships
  190. You can't tell me this is not a rude asked by a woman last night: couple, clothes - Relationships
  191. Should a man have a say on what a woman does with an unplanned pregnancy.: marriage, child support - Relationships
  192. I am really frustrated with my height: date, women, dance - Relationships
  193. For happily married... a about cheating...: surrogate, wife, girlfriend - Relationships
  194. Confused, do I need to make my liking for her clear, or she knows it?: boyfriend, married - Relationships
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  196. A little about myself....: movies, girls, dance, kissing - Relationships
  197. what is 1 thing you learned about relationships you didnt know when you were younger?: women, love
  198. Relationships Research at the University of New England: therapy, advice, romantic
  199. What was the most funniest date you have ever been on? - Relationships
  200. Creating a fill in the blank letter for students to fill out to a child in need: children, travel - Relationships