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  1. A on E2 Visas and a request for opinions.: real estate, 2015
  2. What are the easiest and hardest cities to make it in?: best neighborhoods
  3. US Road Trip LA to Grand Canyon: how much, train
  4. Census Data Visualization Gallery: ranking, cities, population
  5. Best Place to Start a Farm?: school, live, agricultural
  6. relocation to Jeffersonville, IN or Lexington, KY: insurance, home
  7. Best place for 4 seasons: live, title, cities
  8. Where are you posting/reading?: good schools, live, vs.
  9. Moving from Houston, TX to NYC. Help: apartment, hotels
  10. cost of a uhaul trailer: renting, mattress, how much
  11. What lower 48 US Wilderness area has had the most people disappear in it?: design
  12. Relocation for better advertising opportunities: cities, market, job
  13. After California, which is the most transplant friendly WESTERN state?: transplants, homes
  14. Best cities for young, introverted, outdoorsy musician/software engineer?: college, live in
  15. Moderate temp location: sales, rentals, allergies
  16. moving south... help!: chapel, public schools, living
  17. Fall and spring as dominant seasons?: place, summers
  18. American Gypsies beyond the Big Fat silliness: house, middle school
  19. Best place to go skiing AND dog sledding?: best city, banks
  20. States with the best Waterparks: waterpark, live, bills
  21. Job Offer Covers D.C./Philly - Commute/Living Options?: best school, trains
  22. How Much Money Is Enough For A Fresh Start?: fit in, apartment
  23. Are interstate moves more common now than they were in the 60s/70s?: jobs
  24. is there a differance between the milwaukee accent and the chicago accent?: house
  25. Regional accents still strong young people?: live, cities
  26. How would you define 'Middle America'?: cities, place, towns
  27. (Raleigh-Omaha-Atlanta-Nashville-Virginia Beach -Santa Fe ) Which Have A Milder Summer: cities, places
  28. A Picture that Begs for a Thousand Words: condos, homes
  29. is southern CT NY or New England: metro, about
  30. cities with landfills: real estate, luxury, beach
  31. What does the define feature define your city as?: home, university
  32. Best State Driver's License Design: DMV, live in, under 21
  33. Help with a road trip: school, restaurants, store
  34. Based on the way things are going now, what will be the best state to move to by 2017: unemployment rate
  35. Best City With Combo of Friendly People and Good Dating Prospects for Men: best cities
  36. Photos of Really Cool Mountains in USA: vs, golf
  37. I living in Madison ,WI but i move to LA OR MIAMI OR VEGAS what is better ?: find a job
  38. Golf cart Communities in Florida or South Carolina: homes, stores
  39. What is The Right Place For Me To Start Live in U.S ?: apartment
  40. Church versus Beer tweets: live in, move, basements
  41. Have you ever moved across states?: fit in, apartment, movers
  42. Seattle vs Chicago vs Nashville vs San Diego: amusement parks, college
  43. which are most disjointed, cohesive metro area?: transfer, neighborhoods
  44. City with the oldest people: retirement, money, metro
  45. Relocator in need of help...: ski resort, apartments, renters
  46. Being the resident of state. Is it to be a resident by having a company?: real estate
  47. Does television really change accents?: how much, live, accent
  48. Urban Missionary: magnet schools, university, to live in
  49. Walkable, Coastal City - Family: condo, school district, income
  50. Biggest Temperature Difference: hotel, live in, station
  51. Fairfield Glade vs. Bella Vista Arkansas: HOA, homes, buying
  52. Why are the population of U.S. cities changing in such weird patterns.: estimated
  53. Best places to grow older: best cities, apartment, house
  54. Affordable East Coast?: real estate, renting, condos
  55. Opinion: I have two job offers and i'm not sure which one to accept DC or Charleston, SC?: home, schools
  56. What parts of North America/the world do you have family in?: house, living in
  57. Can you draw a free-hand map if the USA on plain paper?: houses, middle school
  58. What state/city sounds good for me??: apartment, low crime
  59. Miami vs Seattle: real estate, renting, homes
  60. Where is the south?: living in, areas, accent
  61. Most popular ghettos in the U.S.?: crime, movies
  62. Longest distance for destination signs for different cities?: construction, airport
  63. Things that give away a West Coast dialect?: distance, place
  64. The horrible plague that has gripped our major cities in the past few years... Hipsters..: neighborhoods, income
  65. Trying to find the right place to move: low crime, unemployment
  66. Which states are more uptight ?: versus, cities
  67. Want out of Atlanta...need direction: rent, crime
  68. Is the friendliness factor of an area important?: apartment, hotel
  69. Why do many northern states have their state and county fairs during the summer?: school, trees
  70. Best city/state for me??: 2013, apartment, rent
  71. How is New England for a teacher?: rental, car insurance
  72. Is there data on 'Built Up Areas'?: houses, calculated
  73. Which regional/state culture is your favorite?: wedding, allergies
  74. Which one of the BIG 4 in the South has the most to be a megacity: brokers, houses
  75. My picks for the most recognizable landmark of each US state.: house, tornadoes
  76. Northwest vs. East Coast?: private school, universities, living
  77. Best places to live in the U.S. 2012: chapel, neighborhoods
  78. What are larger cities where everyone's all jumbled in together?: home, neighborhoods
  79. Is this lifestyle realistic in your area?: sales, health insurance
  80. Bordering states that don't have particularly strong ties: universities, live
  81. Something that shocked the heck out of you...: houses, neighborhood
  82. Would you say that culturally speaking, the US can be divided into 4 broad regions?: fit in, college
  83. Where did the Upper Midwest stereotypes come from?: to live, friendly
  84. What size metro area do you prefer to live?: living in, cities
  85. Where to live KY/TN?: sales, renting, houses
  86. Next hot spot?: real estate, job market, good schools
  87. Help me choose a place to live: apartments, renters
  88. Why don't more Americans travel to Canada?!: living, legally
  89. Best Places to Move Without a Job Out West: best city, living
  90. Best small feeling Midwestern or Western city for me: fit in, best cities
  91. Reasonable col, walkable, near larger city?: real estate, rent, crime rate
  92. Filipino Americans in unlikely places: apartment, college, living in
  93. Most Ignored Major Cities: job market, to live in, prices
  94. Where do you see the following newly arrived immigrant groups in America in the future?: fit in, home
  95. Best places to Retire on $100 a day....: 2013, luxury
  96. Favorite Small New England Towns & Villages: college, live
  97. Cross Country stops: motel, neighborhoods, restaurants
  98. What out of towner license plates do you tend to see the most of in your city?: living in, island
  99. The Ten U.S Cities Set To See Their Populations Boom: living in, move to
  100. Most complicated street network/structure in the US?: homes, live
  101. road condition reflect the fiscal condition of the state?: income, maintenance
  102. How much acreage would you need to have a life of solitude and isolation.: neighborhood, to buy
  103. Best cities for young single men.: neighborhoods, living in, young professionals
  104. Whats the most dangerous Neighborhood in the United States??: neighborhoods, university
  105. Ever lived in a place you really disliked or wanted to get out of?: crime, unemployment rate
  106. Omaha vs. Fargo vs. Des Moines/Ames vs. ?: rent, insurance
  107. If I wanted to purchase 1,000 acres for $700K max, which state could I realistically do that: for sale, homes
  108. Black Spanish speaking neighborhoods in the US: live in, cities
  109. On a roadtrip: How will you know when you're in the south?: houses, restaurants
  110. The South vs. The South: transplants, to buy, low cost
  111. internal flights: transfer, buy, cost
  112. Small areas with distinct accents?: electric, transit, metro area
  113. Major city (blend of outdoors and downtown?): 2014, job market
  114. What West coast city would be perfect for me?: college, living
  115. How did you cut through all the data and choose a city?: apartment, motorhome
  116. Where should we move?: hotels, income, income tax
  117. Is the Bay Area the top of the Southwest or bottom of the Northwest?: live, cities
  118. For who've lived on both East & West Coasts: crime, house
  119. What Makes An Ideal Neighbourhood For You?: middle-class, sale
  120. Do you associate Washington, D.C. with Maryland and Virginia?: camp, live
  121. 2011 GDP for US states: buyers, tax, live
  122. Is the pin-pen/miss-mess merger spreading?: fit in, live in, mall
  123. What is the best city to live when you factor weather and cost of living?: how much, house
  124. State with the most police corruption: live in, legally, move
  125. What Places other than California have temperate climate year a round: to eat, best
  126. Is saying 'sure' like 'shore' an Eastern thing?: credit card, purchases
  127. Regional getaways / vacation destinations: casinos, shop, area
  128. What does the entire Midwest have in common?: agriculture, farm
  129. What's the Realest Town in America: area, cities, banks
  130. Which city still has Old Fashioned Gentlemen?: private school, college
  131. do you believe in catching an american accent?: new home, school
  132. Oregon vs Washington: sex offenders, crime, homes
  133. Based On Your Personal Experience , What is the most friendly City you have ever been: chapel, home
  134. Least expensive real estate states: motel, home
  135. Annexation and City Size 1950-2010: fit in, crime rates, how much
  136. Favorite/Least Favorite State welcome Signs: design, waterfall, pictures
  137. Midwesterners: more like Northeasterners or Southerners?: live, vs, educational
  138. Most CARTOONY looking place in the US: amusement parks, home
  139. How long are you willing to drive?: amusement park, home
  140. Stereotypical images of a state that don't apply to MOST of the state: movies, college
  141. Middle Aged Woman Starting OVer: foreclosure, crime, neighborhoods
  142. Least Metrosexual Cities: oil, wealthy, suburban
  143. Comparisons between CO, WY, MT or: contractors, income
  144. What part of America has the worst weather in your opinion?: utilities, costs
  145. Cosmopolitian Affordable Cities in the Northeast & Midwest: transplants, apartment
  146. Most Canada-like major American city?: neighborhood, suburban, residential
  147. U.S. Cities with great public transit: rental, home
  148. Can we put an end to the myth that the northeastern U.S. is losing population?: college, centers
  149. U.S. cities with the lowest cost of living and the highest salaries: house, high income
  150. List of U.S. urban areas: stats, airport, suburbs
  151. Change of Pace: best cities, schools, income
  152. Resort towns: home, theater, schools
  153. Cities Who Honk: how much, live in, moving
  154. Teacher Looking for a School & New City (East Coast): for rent, teaching jobs
  155. What western state feels most 'eastern'?: houses, neighborhoods, metro
  156. Northeast versus the Midwest- My Conclusions: fit in, how much, home
  157. Top 10 worst U.S. cities for homelessness: how much, living in
  158. Which of the following cities has the best suburbs (in terms of cost of living, space, accessibility)?: apartments, house
  159. Go West...or Southwest?: hotels, neighborhoods, movies
  160. Would you live in a city/metro area that does NOT have major league sports teams?: school, college
  161. My impressions of the Midwest (road trip): amusement park, living
  162. 10 most popular people that represent your city all-time: movies, live
  163. US merged into 11 states, Canada into 5 provinces: district, reduce
  164. Looking for a place with snow in the winter and summers that aren't miserable!: real estate, home
  165. Where do you wish you were born?: to live, shop
  166. Merging counties in states: best school, costs, license plates
  167. What recent American Olympic games was best...and worst?: credit, dorms
  168. What do you consider the middle of no where ?: to live, Whole Foods
  169. Would Like to go Colder, but No Clue WHERE.: homes, construction
  170. Worst States for Women: statistics, estimated, land
  171. I am a SOUTHERN Anomaly/which city?: chapel, theater
  172. US city by criteria: rent, high crime, how much
  173. Which city is the best place to practice psychotherapy?: insurance, income
  174. Do you associate New York City with NJ & CT, or with upstate New York?: land, rated
  175. How hard is it to live comfortably in the TWO popular areas of the US?: apartment, rent
  176. Blacks in Upper South and Deep South: how much, live in
  177. Most annoying US accent: home, live in, food
  178. Chapel Hill, NC or Jupiter, Fl?: oceanfront, university, living
  179. Suggest a new city for 30 something LA single woman: job market, live in
  180. Advice on driving etiquette in the United States of America: hotel, law
  181. favorite city to shop?: sales, sales tax, live
  182. City Recommendations Similar to Peoria, IL: apartments, renters, home
  183. A cool , hip place with a cool climate: hotels, university
  184. East Coast cities with low humidity?: school, to live, dryer
  185. Med Size City, easy traffic, warm weather: restaurants, shop
  186. Socially speaking, who do Westerners have most in common with?: transplants, neighborhood
  187. Another moving questions – lost in space: fit in, rent
  188. Most unfriendly/reserved part of the US?: insurance, house
  189. Can South Florida be considered its own region?: design, title
  190. Out of the 10 biggest U.S. cities, what one would you feel LEAST safe in?: crime, neighborhood
  191. Does merging states make sense?: bankrupt, taxes, castle
  192. Which state has a better university system - Virginia or North Carolina: chapel, schools
  193. which cities would best fit into the Northeast Corridor: home, neighborhoods
  194. Want to move from Portland to the Southeast.: appointed, house
  195. Best city to live in and work in the South-East for middle-class family? Knoxville, Asheville, Charleston, Savannah: low crime, house
  196. Property Tax (the myth, the legend, the reality): sales, real estate
  197. Confusing towns (for your GPS): homes, area, addresses
  198. reheboth beach, delaware, tell me where i should go for gems on food and inexpensive hotels too?: paid
  199. The Fittest Cities in America 2012: health, metropolitan area, county
  200. What areas resemble the video game Animal Crossing?: live in, rain