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  1. Graduate school in Iceland?: schools, university, housing - World
  2. Overpopulation in Africa, South Asia and Middle east. Europe projected to be a tiny fraction of world population.: 2015
  3. Are large cities ever representative of the country or the region they are in?: transplants - World
  4. Internship Abroad: crime, homes, neighborhood - World
  5. Santiago de Chile vs Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco: low crime - World
  6. who likes the extremes: large cities and the sticks?: houses, neighborhood - World
  7. Salary to be top 1% in your country?: 2014, how much - World
  8. Do all the languages indicate satire in the same way as European languages do?: teacher - World
  9. What is this line?: date, international, national - World
  10. What does AMHARIC sound like to you? - World
  11. Which of global cities do you respect the most?: standard of living, island - World
  12. Whether Moldova has a chance of the European future?: credit, live - World
  13. The World's Strangest Prisons: places, photos, town
  14. By 2085, Few Cities Will Be Cool Enough To Host Olympics: move, manufactured - World
  15. Turkey has full control of Merkel: winter, prison, German - World
  16. Where would _____ be on the opposite hemisphere?: calculator, live in - World
  17. Turkey, Egypt or Iran (best to visit?): live, deal - World
  18. Reload this Page Which country has a more british feel, Australia or New Zealand?: design - World
  19. Which country is more American (US), Canada or Australia?: home, wages - World
  20. The Possibility of Future Iraqi-Syrian Integration?: home, building, Persian - World
  21. Wow, Japan: 2013, Koreans, places - World
  22. Developing Non-Islamic Countries worse today than 5 years ago?: 2015, incomes - World
  23. Olympics: Pommel Horse...: gym, retired, required - World
  24. Where was this photo taken?: assault, island, place - World
  25. What is the rest of the world's view: homes, to live in
  26. List of top international rankings by country: apartment, houses - World
  27. The core of Internet forums explained: time - World
  28. Why do non-Americans think Americans care about them: American, countries - World
  29. An interesting population exercise. (What if everyone lived in just one city?): living in - World
  30. Libyan passenger jet hijacked to Malta: schools, gated, live in - World
  31. More vibrant: Seoul or Shanghai: credit, home, taxis - World
  32. Choose Your Destiny WISELY, the Philippines !!!: wages, live, price - World
  33. London vs Berlin: to live, nightlife, architecture - World
  34. My TripAdvisor Index: World Cities by Sightseeing: chapel, hotels
  35. People of the World, which of North American metropolises do you have the best opinion of (Part II)?: metropolitan area
  36. software engineering IT expat relocation: salary, quality of life, living - World
  37. Why NZ and Australian architecture are so similar to US: 2015, hotel - World
  38. Whats going on in Turkey?: live, price, military - World
  39. A about types of roads per country: bus, parking - World
  40. Which is the world capital, New York or London?: to buy, military
  41. The first and second world war. Winners, losers, and consequences of the war. How will calculate, the Russian victory in: homes, living
  42. Rome vs Istanbul vs Moscow / First, Second, and Third Rome: extended stay, hotel - World
  43. Iraq almost rid of ISIS: rating, map, party - World
  44. Can tropical countries develop?: fit in, crime rate, prices - World
  45. Do you Love Urban City Life or Hate It Or Do You Prefer the Solitude of the Countryside???: living in, moving - World
  46. New York City (vs) Moscow: best city, hotels, houses - World
  47. If you could rename your country? What would be your choice?: water, better - World
  48. Which city is the best?: home, theatre, universities - World
  49. Countries you really want to visit in your life but avoid right now because of safety or health concerns?: good hotels, live - World
  50. What do non-Americans think of Obama?: living, assessments, to move - World
  51. Most diverse looking ethnic groups?: living in, Koreans, cities - World
  52. Non-European independent country most similar to the Netherlands?: income, homosexual - World
  53. Most Optimistic and Pessimistic People (Developed Countries)?: 2015, vs - World
  54. The World's top most walkable cities?: live in, shop, suburbs
  55. Most Organized High Density Countries (1 million+ population): houses, zoning - World
  56. Most Interesting Microstate?: live in, beach, land - World
  57. What are the biggest misconceptions of your country?: gated, live in - World
  58. What are the biggest defence budgets in the world?: 2015, depreciation
  59. best decade post WW2 for the world: hotel, university
  60. Quebec and Finland - commonalities as distinct societies: universities, living - World
  61. ESA vs NASA: living, manufacturing, vehicles - World
  62. No, the English don't speak the purest form of English: organic, transit - World
  63. Have you ever crossed a tropic?: live, date, close to - World
  64. California overtakes the UK to become the 5th largest economy in the world: tax, rankings
  65. Israel and Finland - similarities: vs., area, cellphone - World
  66. Seattle Vs Vancouver B.C.: house, place to live, beaches - World
  67. The perception gap: how well do you know your country?: wealthy, health - World
  68. Shocking/ Bizarre experiences in foreign countries: hotel, stores, train station - World
  69. Is Mexico City the most underrated city on the planet?: condos, crime rate - World
  70. Why has Canada rid itself of its british culture unlike Australia and New Zealand?: neighbourhood, MLS - World
  71. Something you think your home country/region cooks best: school, restaurant - World
  72. What embarrass you about your country?: hotel, schools, college - World
  73. Chinatowns around the world: 2015, living, restaurants
  74. [Help] Looking for a small island to live.: income, standard of living - World
  75. why do Americans think the world care they're Americans?: fit in, 2015
  76. Most Irritating Accents: rating, accent, Irish - World
  77. Which Anglophone country do you consider most diverse ?: metro, area - World
  78. Which country is more European Australia or Canada?: low income, sales - World
  79. Where can I find this climate?: to live in, mold, health - World
  80. Strangest ways that have helped you learn a language?: top, Swiss - World
  81. “World first” or significant events that defy the commonly held stereotype of your country.: apartments, neighbourhoods
  82. Long moving wishlist - where should we go?: real estate, violent crime - World
  83. What are your worst experiences of speaking a foreign language?: condo, wedding - World
  84. What are your favourite languages from Eastern Asia?: rated, best - World
  85. Amsterdam or Boston: universities, quality of life, standard living - World
  86. People of the World, which of North American metropolises do you have the best opinion of?: crime rate, how much
  87. Can Duterte and Trump be Friends?: best, money, Filipino - World
  88. Western Siberia vs. Canadian Prairies: 2015, apartments, standard of living - World
  89. Top Cities in the World for Expats, 2016: best cities, quality of life
  90. Refugees welcome: home, find a job, good schools - World
  91. The Opinions of Non-Americans Outside of the USA of the election of Donald Trump: brokers, living - World
  92. Which Country Is More Secular ? (UK or USA): 2014, public school - World
  93. New Space capital of the world: lease, designs, money
  94. Voting days on your country: 2013, calculated, things to do - World
  95. Sex offers while hitchhiking in Turkey and the Middle East?!: live, law - World
  96. How is coffee brewed where you live?: houses, camping - World
  97. What nationalities dress the best? Who dresses the worst?: school, homeless - World
  98. US and the Philippine's to be friends again: crimes, approval - World
  99. Is it a coincidence that in general the least religious countries are the most successful and the most religious the lea: statistics, oil - World
  100. So America's foes are all gone: military, Irish, foreign - World
  101. Countries that could unite: income, legal, catholics - World
  102. Which are the easiest countries to obtain longterm residency?: real estate, rent - World
  103. Russia vs Colombia (to live): organic, place to live, dangerous - World
  104. World's Least Walkable Cities?: crime, dangerous, pollution
  105. North Korea vs USSR- which was worse?: camps, living in - World
  106. Average Heights Around The World and How They've Changed: health, working
  107. Is your country as corrupt as the US: to buy, live in - World
  108. Which country in the world is the most similar to United States?: crime rates, safe
  109. Which countries from different continents are the most similar to yours iyo?: capita, Argentina - World
  110. What do people of the world (outside of the United States of America) think of American cities?: transplants, neighborhoods
  111. Which country or city has the highest AFTER TAXED wage?: income, income tax - World
  112. What would you improve in regards to your country?: 2014, job market - World
  113. Bashkir language is Proto-Nostratic language: loan, living in, friendly - World
  114. Globalization Scale. Highly Interactive Map!: 2013, to buy, live - World
  115. Centralization Versus Decentralization Variety Ratio. What Countries Are Belonging To Each Classification System?: construction, income - World
  116. Is the West becoming Less capitalistic?: school, safety, licenses - World
  117. Why ISIS hates us: how much, club, airplane - World
  118. The US is dominating the Olympics: college, swimming, title - World
  119. What do you represent the most?: live in, move, retirement - World
  120. Supermarket music where you live: shop, gangs, Whole Foods - World
  121. Who's the best president out of the presidents of the G8 countries?: unemployment, wages - World
  122. Who is the best president?: how much, approval, rating - World
  123. White and Asian swimmers never congratulated each other: racist, Chinese - World
  124. City with the most humid, uncomfortable climate?: tornado, living in - World
  125. 2024 Olympics far away...Who do you think will host it?: locations, brick - World
  126. Do you agree that extroverts tend not to use the social media?: rating, dating - World
  127. Would you rather visit Pyongyang, North Korea or Mogadishu, Somalia?: crime, home - World
  128. Which of 4 cities do you think has the best natural scenery?: areas, Brazilian - World
  129. If you were extremely poor, which of cities would you choose to live in?: house, college - World
  130. World Leading Country by Century?: military, island, population
  131. Brazil vs. Russia, Mexico vs. Turkey, Argentina vs. Poland: rank, area - World
  132. Rio2016 Olympic Games: 2015, house, school - World
  133. How do you deal with dangers (read the post) when traveling?: cheap apartment, rent - World
  134. Your city/village population history: 2015, home, high school - World
  135. At what level of population is a city too small or too boring for you?: houses, to live in - World
  136. If you were extremely wealthy, which of cities would you choose to live in?: best neighborhoods, neighborhoods - World
  137. Culture most similar to each other (Germanic-Romance-Slavic)?: area, cultures - World
  138. What is the most powerful country in the world: military, rich
  139. Trendiest Nordic capital?: for rent, gated, live - World
  140. Would you rather visit Death Valley, CA or Vostok Station, Antarctica?: live in, location - World
  141. Your top 10 and bottom 10 cities in the world?: price, military
  142. Gentrification: crime, neighbourhood, tenants - World
  143. Santo Domingo, Medellin or Cartagena?: living, cost of living, shop - World
  144. What's your favorite Brazilian city?: live, centers, nightlife - World
  145. What's your favorite Italian city?: pollution, architecture, rank - World
  146. Is there something like that, but related to languages from all over the world?: 2015, loan
  147. What language does German sound most like?: Dutch, closest - World
  148. Most important city for the wealthy: to buy, income, living in - World
  149. What percent of the world lives in true democracies?: house, gated
  150. Should the Olympics be discontinued?: ski resort, construction, costs - World
  151. Are the world's poor better or worse off than before?: condos, credit card
  152. Mogadishu, Somalia vs Flint, Michigan, United States: hotels, living - World
  153. Human Geography?: camps, restaurants, sushi - World
  154. Am I the only one who dislikes the modern concept of identity?: movies, school - World
  155. If African is used for subsaharans and Asian for eastern Asians, what European ethnicity should cover Europe?: castles, yard - World
  156. Should violent countries restablish the death penalty?: crime, lawyers - World
  157. Egyptian refuses to shake Israeli's hand after losing judo match: home, winter - World
  158. Do you agree that superimposed US style multiculturalism is destroying the world's cultures?: neighborhoods, school
  159. The Next First World Countries?: standard of living, wealthy, education
  160. How would the World Map look like in 10 years if we stopped having WMD?: military, approval
  161. How is Israel going to survive in the future?: living, military - World
  162. What is the longest time you have spent outside of your home country?: homes, income - World
  163. If you could, which Olympics would you attend in the past 30 years? (previous did not have a poll, oops): high school, living - World
  164. County names written differently in your language?: school, island - World
  165. Atlanta USA vs Frankfurt Germany/(Deutschland): best cities, living, cost of living - World
  166. Washington DC vs Berlin: construction, closing, to live in - World
  167. Should Indonesia split up because of religious differences, to improve peace in the region?: 2015, location - World
  168. Ranking the countries with the 5 largest populations in terms of GDP, HDI, and other data...: 2015, purchasing - World
  169. Independence Movements around the world: population, place, annexation
  170. According to Forbes spaniard businessman A.Ortega outperforms millionaire Bill Gates as number 1 World: schools, taxes
  171. At what size do you call a island Large ?: 2013, bill - World
  172. Which Romance language sounds better, Spanish or Portuguese?: train, accent - World
  173. Do you like Asians with Anglo names?: title, Koreans - World
  174. Inventions and patriotism: eyeglasses, credit, closing - World
  175. Are most Russians (particularly the women) nice and friendly or mean? Are Russian Americans nicer or meaner?: school, store - World
  176. The largest overseas Japanese population is in Brazil. Why?: high school, universities - World
  177. None of the Chinese Olympians is foreign born: schools, yard - World
  178. Olympic Games: home, legal, land - World
  179. China and India: eat, Asian, developing - World
  180. BLM and Islam: homes, buses, racism - World
  181. Should I move from Silicon Valley to Zurich or Munich?: appointed, crime - World
  182. Non-neighboring Countries from the same continent more similar than neighbor country?: standard of living, land - World
  183. country likes to eat cºck?: winters, free, meat - World
  184. Should tourists boycot the U.S. for their lax gun laws?: hotels, buy - World
  185. If WW3 begins, should the new Axis be: Japan, Italy, Eastern Europe and Israel?: vs, title - World
  186. Should we put a stop to the super rich?: tax, living - World
  187. How does the rest of the world perceive American politics?: how much, home
  188. What are your favorite overall cities in the world: Excluding language barrier, employment concerns, & immigration entry: university, living
  189. Most amazing suburban aerial shots: gated, communities, attractive - World
  190. know of a good guide to safety in various countries?: most dangerous, title - World
  191. New map of the world
  192. Help me create a city/country/state chooser tool?!: quality of life, statistics - World
  193. Discover the best pubs, bars and dining places in Bangalore: party, great - World
  194. House spider attacks mouse...: great, carrying, video - World
  195. What do you think you know about other countries?: crime, bankrupt - World
  196. How to tell what gear - World
  197. Continents by Ultra-Prominent Peak Density: area, compare, obtain - World
  198. Dubai building world's largest indoor theme park
  199. Wildfires raging in Israel, Russia sending Planes: neighbourhoods, forest - World
  200. South Africa vs South America: climate, town, between - World