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  1. Family sues Terminix after they all got sick and 1 child lost all motor function - Current Events
  2. Maine seeking forced meds for man charged in dad's death - Current Events
  3. America's Fattest States [Infographic] - Current Events
  4. Diplomatic immunity (outrageous) - Current Events
  5. Giant Frozen Virus Still Infectious After 30,000 Years - Current Events
  6. illinois deputy dies 11 months after being shot - Current Events
  7. National Geographic drops non-profit. - Current Events
  8. Sometimes a Grand Jury gets it right. - Current Events
  9. Teacher i.d.'d who left baby in car all day - Current Events
  10. Will Smith donating $150k to million man march - Current Events
  11. Body of missing 4-year-old boy found in san diego bay - Current Events
  12. 2015 shaping up to be 2nd safest year ever for police - Current Events
  13. Meet Jonathan, the 183-Year-Old Tortoise - Current Events
  14. Active shooter at delta state university - Current Events
  15. Woman Who Posted a Snapchat of Boyfriend Pointing Gun at Her Was Found Shot Dead Hours Later - Current Events
  16. Office of Personnel Mgmt: 5.6M estimated to have fingerprints stolen - Current Events
  17. Deputies: Woman charged at officer in home filled with knives - Current Events
  18. City of Edmonton has real life superhero - Spider Mable - Current Events
  19. Scarborough police try new tactics to fight drug epidemic - Current Events
  20. Jerry Brown: Man v. Nature - Current Events
  21. Volkswagen software to evade emissions testing - massive recall - Current Events
  22. Apple Watch alerts teen to life threatening condition - Current Events
  23. 2 children, 3 and 5 killed in drive by shooting this week! - Current Events
  24. Witness shoots at carjacking suspects, misses & hits victim in the head - Current Events
  25. Florida woman arrested for riding sea turtle. - Current Events
  26. Actual News Headline: Pope Francis smiles during address in Philadelphia . - Current Events
  27. Politician in Mexico Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal Injection - Current Events
  28. Boy buys officer breakfast for 'the thankless job he does,' brings him to tears - Current Events
  29. 1 arrest after complaint of man sniffing feet in a library - Current Events
  30. Amy's baking Company closes - Current Events
  31. Teacher's Inappropriate Note to Second Grader Raises Questions - Current Events
  32. Cops Raid Innocent Man’s House After Paedophile Neighbour Hijacks His Internet - Current Events
  33. T-Mobile/Experian Hacked - 15 Million Affected - Current Events
  34. Prosecutors: New Jersey priest points gun at boy over Giants/Cowboys rivalry - Current Events
  35. Rupert Murdoch Buys National Geographic.... - Current Events
  36. Woman Arrested And Committed By NYPD For Claiming that She Owned a BMW... - Current Events
  37. Undocumented parents of U.S. born children suing state of Texas - Current Events
  38. Report: Less than 10 percent of NFL pink merchandise sales go toward cancer research - Current Events
  39. No joke but funny - diversiry major vegetarian looses in 1st round of chopped - Current Events
  40. Los Angeles to declare state of emergency on homelessness - Current Events
  41. Mayor DeBlasio says 'tax desnudas' - Current Events
  42. White male carjacking police chase right now - Current Events
  43. NASA just released the latest pictures of Pluto sent by the New Horizons spacecraft. - Current Events
  44. Black Driver Selfie With White Cop That's Shared Nearly 500,000 Times - Current Events
  45. A little good news: train track rescue - Current Events
  46. Man Uncovers ‘Epic, Hysterical Fail on Walmart’s Part’ After Checking Out ‘Gun Oil’ Product at the Gun Counter - Current Events
  47. U.S. trained rebels in Syria hands over weapons to Al-Qaeda affiliate right after training - Current Events
  48. Well I guess he won't be getting married time soon. - Current Events
  49. I think nearly everyone can take a lesson - Current Events
  50. 92 YO Husband Sings To 93 YO Dying Wife - Current Events
  51. Private investigator finds man’s wife having tryst with investigator’s own teen son - Current Events
  52. How To Get Away With Murder - Son Who Killed Hedge Fund Father Deemed Unfit For Trial - Current Events
  53. Black Employee Wins Bias Suit ... Against Black Business - Current Events
  54. Iraqi Terrorist caught coming across Canadian/US border - going NORTH - Current Events
  55. Christian Miracle - Preacher Proves To Doubters that he can Walk on Air! - Current Events
  56. Old StorY worth sharing: Family cleans house, finds pet tortoise missing since 1982 - Current Events
  57. Baby boy found dead in SUV in Ohio store parking lot - Current Events
  58. Men Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Marriages Were Over - Current Events
  59. Bully slaps blind student and then gets his comeuppance! - Current Events
  60. Another cop who appears to be a sadist. - Current Events
  61. Teen Dies in Police Custody After Complaining of Breathing Problems - Current Events
  62. Thugs brawl in Walmart over shirt - Current Events
  63. WGN-TV Chicago Apologizes for Nazi Symbol in Yom Kippur Segment - Current Events
  64. New law says flyers must bring passport, not driver's license, to airport - Current Events
  65. spanic Heritage Month - Current Events
  66. 'Mars Mystery Solved' - NASA Says Will Make Major Announcement Monday, September 28 - Current Events
  67. Man Jailed For Unpaid Traffic Ticket Dies a Horrific Death - Current Events
  68. Texas veteran vandalized own truck with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ cops say - Current Events
  69. AGENDA 2030 and what it will take to accomplish goals.... - Current Events
  70. Police Shoot Man in Wheelchair - Current Events
  71. period doll - Current Events
  72. Media coverage of Pope Francis is bizarre, almost creepy - Current Events
  73. Suspect arrested for attack on 83-year-old man in Santa Ana - Current Events
  74. Border Patrol agent charged with murder of Mexican teen - Current Events
  75. Australia could bar entry to singer Chris Brown - Current Events
  76. Miracle Baby Born With Half His Skull Missing Beats The Odds to Celebrate His First Birthday - Current Events
  77. Woman that kills pedophile gets three years. - Current Events
  78. Oregon Shooter May Have Warning On-Line Forum... - Current Events
  79. Beta Uprising declares war on normies Oregon College shooter - Current Events
  80. Subway restaurant sued after firing HIV-positive employee - Current Events
  81. Remember the black women kicked off a train? - Current Events
  82. Terrorists Murdered A Couple In Front Of Their 4 Children - Current Events
  83. Jenner won't be charged in fatal car accident - Current Events
  84. Peeple app -- Yelp for humans - Current Events
  85. Oregon College shooting - Current Events
  86. Lawsuit claims employee fired for passing gas - Current Events
  87. Alabama Requires State ID To Vote Then Closes 31 Driver's License Office... - Current Events
  88. Oregon Sheriff Still Won't Say College Shooter's Name You will not hear from this law enforcement operation use - Current Events
  89. 27 years old, honestly! - Current Events
  90. People Can Now Have Their Tattoos Framed After They Die Read more: - Current Events
  91. A tribute to dispatchers, think about what they went through during the oregon massacre - Current Events
  92. James Woods Slams President Obama Over Oregon School Shooting Reaction - Current Events
  93. Islamic radical shoots police in Sydney, Australia - Current Events
  94. US bombs Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan - Current Events
  95. Pro Active Response (CCW): Motion for recent school shootings - Current Events
  96. Anti-gay marriage Oregon bakery defies state order to pay damages to couple - Current Events
  97. Woman blinds herself because she feels she should have been born blind - Current Events
  98. George Zimmerman retweets photo of Travon's dead body - Current Events
  99. Big Bull Frog loses it, Uses N-Word & Slave Talk on National TV - Current Events
  100. Waffle House Refused to Serve an Armed, Uniformed U.S - Current Events
  101. South Dakota Tribe To Open Marijuana Resort - Current Events
  102. Actor Paul Walker's daughter sues Porsche over fatal crash - Current Events
  103. Man being carjacked is accidentally shot in head by witness - Current Events
  104. Man robs store, dies.... - Current Events
  105. Drug War’s End: Oregon Is Expunging Pot Records - Current Events
  106. Man shoots himself in penis, blames black guy - Current Events
  107. Armed robber trips, kills partner... - Current Events
  108. ‘Good Samaritan’ tells crash victim he’s there to help, then does the unthinkable - Current Events
  109. It's no longer acceptable to use He / She when speaking now. Replaced by Ze - Current Events
  110. By 2050, human-on-robot sex will be more common than human-on-human sex, says report - Current Events
  111. bride bills for no-show wedding guest ... thoughts? - Current Events
  112. Toys ‘R’ Us Brings Temporary Foreign Workers to U.S. to Move Jobs Overseas - Current Events
  113. Pope meets Kim Davis ?? - Current Events
  114. Jamaica Demands the United Kingdom pay Billions of Pounds in Slavery Reparations - Current Events
  115. Man Uses Raccoon to Start Breathalyzer-Equipped Car -- Then Raccoon Attacks Man - Current Events
  116. Joyce Mitchell sentenced - Current Events
  117. Hedge Fund Manager Buys Rights to AIDS Drug and Raises Price from $13.50 to $750 - Current Events
  118. Detroit suburb rejects proposed mosque - Current Events
  119. Mississippi school on lockdown with reports of shooter on campus - Current Events
  120. A Hunting Ban Saps a Village’s Livelihood - Current Events
  121. Kentucky State Trooper Murdered - Current Events
  122. Driven to Kill: Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit. - Current Events
  123. Fashion police: Alabama town to ban saggy pants and too-short shorts - Current Events
  124. For who think the weather isn't manipulated.... - Current Events
  125. Man who shot roommate while teasing cat with laser sight fined $50 - Current Events
  126. San Francisco cops joke about shootings recorded on body cams - Current Events
  127. Advertising for Fan Duel and Draft Kings - INSANE!!! - Current Events
  128. Jennnifer Lien of Star Trek: Voyager arrested for indecent exposure - Current Events
  129. Salon Gives A Pass To Pedophilia - Current Events
  130. More bad news for Colorado marijuana - Current Events
  131. Owner Of Ferrari Caught Terrifying Beverly Hills Neighborhood Claims “Diplomatic Immunity” - Current Events
  132. Woman berates restaurant staff 'to get it right the first time,' then gets instant comeuppance - Current Events
  133. Should Seat Belts Be Installed in School Buses? - Current Events
  134. Colorado Trail Closed Because of Bear Selfies. - Current Events
  135. K-12 school building 95 stories high: good idea or bad idea? - Current Events
  136. Family poses in a photo with dead husband - Current Events
  137. News, Tennessee store owner sells out of anti-gay merchandise - Current Events
  138. Panic as Two Children Die, Seven in Critical Condition After Measles Vaccination - Current Events
  139. Crane crashes into Mecca's Grand Mosque, kills over 100 - Current Events
  140. Guy Peed All Over People on a Jet Blue Flight - Current Events
  141. Woman caught on tape having sex with unconscious man says she was being “spontaneous” - Current Events
  142. North Carolina Teen Charged For Possessing Sexually Explicit Photos of a Minor - of Himself - Current Events
  143. No Kidding!... a HEAD Transplant - Current Events
  144. Sikh man assaulted in Chicago, called a 'terrorist' - Current Events
  145. One more reason to be grateful for indoor plumbing - Current Events
  146. Woman dies from drinking 2 gallons of coke a day - Current Events
  147. Police responds to domestic violence call and ends up dead - Current Events
  148. Poor nations want U.S. to pay reparations for extreme weather - Current Events
  149. Unwanted kiss during middle school dare yields assault charges - Current Events
  150. Cop Who Has Made 4,000 DUI Arrests Loses His Daughter to Suspected Drunk Driver - Current Events
  151. Police Killed In the Line of Duty.... - Current Events
  152. From the land of the Perpetually Offended, A barbershop has been fined after turning a woman away from the store. - Current Events
  153. News, NYPD Officers Fire 84 Shots At Suspect, Miss 83 Times - Current Events
  154. Another Duggar situation... - Current Events
  155. Crowd told to behave and women to cover elbow, shoulders and legs to respect visitor from - Current Events
  156. Danish teen kills mother after watching videos of Islamic State murders with Iraqi Boyfriend - Current Events
  157. DEA Chief Admits Marijuana Is Less Dangerous Than Heroin, But Won’t Reschedule - Current Events
  158. Teacher says being lefthanded is evil - Current Events
  159. Man disembowels girlfriend after she utters ex's name during rough sex.. - Current Events
  160. Secret Service Ejects Cancer-Stricken Kids From Lafayette Park - Current Events
  161. Yoga Teacher Takes Bat to Husband - Current Events
  162. Doritos to Launch Pride Flag-Inspired Tortilla Chips - Current Events
  163. Philly Cop Doesn't Like Being Told He Has To Follow Rules, Publicly Whines About It On Facebook - Current Events
  164. Prosecuted for child porn...of himself. - Current Events
  165. Woman leaps from moving car, leaving child in car, because of a spider! - Current Events
  166. Transgender Woman Says She Was Delayed by TSA for Anatomical 'Anomaly' - Current Events
  167. The 'Happy Birthday' song can now be sung in public - Current Events
  168. From the Liars & Damn Liars Dept. - NBC/Comcast puts Brian Williams back ON AIR - Current Events
  169. Houston Club Racist Door Policies Video- Gaslamp - have a good time in the hood, say hello to Tyrone - Current Events
  170. Germany To Try 91 Year Old Woman For Nazi War Crimes - Current Events
  171. School Bus Driver caught peeing in public - Current Events
  172. 78 Year Old Punched Over a Nutella Sample at Costco - Current Events
  173. Nantucket gym to charge $120k gym initiation fee. - Current Events
  174. Blood alcohol level 5 times the legal limit - Current Events
  175. Police Officers laughing and high fiving after tickets/arrests - Current Events
  176. Cops do things right.. Bad outcome. - Current Events
  177. Richard Sherman: focus on black-on-black crime first - Current Events
  178. Road-Rager Points Gun at Mother & Child in Another Car -- Accidentally Shoots Himself in Leg - Current Events
  179. News, School bans Confederate flag symbol from vehicles - Current Events
  180. News, Minnesota exposes one troubling reason America locks up so many black people - Current Events
  181. One lying cop dismissed (but will just hitch on someplace ... - Current Events
  182. 2 Brit girls attacked in Africa - Current Events
  183. Whataburger Employee Fired for Refusing Service to Texas Cops - Current Events
  184. The View Disparages Nurses - Current Events
  185. Inmates at California prison ask guards to keep quiet - Current Events
  186. Baby Doe Identified--Mother and Boyfriend Arrested - Current Events
  187. There is said to be only a few verifiable humans amongst us in the world now (per 2015) who were born before 1900 - Current Events
  188. 2 children killed, 3 and 5 by drive by shootings. - Current Events
  189. Portland jail tells female attorneys to remove detector-triggering bras before seeing clients - Current Events
  190. Mom Loses Her Sons After Refusing To See Christian Counselor - Current Events
  191. 16 year old girl with neck tattoos douses school guard in gasoline, attempts to set on fire. - Current Events
  192. Cops At It Again! - Current Events
  193. Chile 7.9 Earthquake - Current Events
  194. Joshua Ryne Goldberg arrested for training and plotting 9/11 memorial terror - Current Events
  195. Peaceful refugees entering Europe, not militants? - Current Events
  196. Reports: Paramedic recommended ER for inmate, but Pine Lawn jailers wouldn't release him - Current Events
  197. New York Regents finalize CPR in Schools - Current Events
  198. Gang member arrested by SWAT days after he stabbed a man to death - Current Events
  199. Physics is hard for US prosecutors-charges against professor are dropped - Current Events
  200. GITMO Resident Opens Acct. For Single Ladies - Current Events