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  54. I find it funny women on Dating sites say they don't want Flirts, Winks, Short Messages: attracted, calling - Relationships
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  68. To Settle or Not to Settle? That is the: wife, married - Relationships
  69. Met a guy who claims to like me but has not asked me out...: dates, how to - Relationships
  70. What does that person mean: guy, call, social, problems - Relationships
  71. get married, lose your job.: marriage, guy, cheating, affairs - Relationships
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  78. I am convinced: women like whimpy, crybaby, irresponsible guys.: dating, wife - Relationships
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  80. What Do You Do When Your Friends Cheat?: married, women, love - Relationships
  81. Why don't single people try harder to not be fat?: dating, wife - Relationships
  82. What is up with the look and look away?: women, younger, children - Relationships
  83. Getting Hubby in Check: girls, husband, older, family - Relationships
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  89. Personal video with Ex-wife: girlfriend, guys, separation, kids - Relationships
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  91. my mother expects too much from my boyfriend: how to, woman, love - Relationships
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  95. Women say they dont want to have anything to do with a guy that is unemployed.....: married, love - Relationships
  96. What Do You Look Like? P2: women, love, American, relations - Relationships
  97. Just met a single mom and I don't know what this means: dating, girl - Relationships
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  100. Just got back from Cali: wife, women, love, husband - Relationships
  101. I need someone to be happy: married, women, love - Relationships
  102. O.k. ladies...what would you think of this...: guy, kid, friends - Relationships
  103. how frequently do you date?: wife, girl, love, older - Relationships
  104. Infidelity/playing with fire/the human condition/humility/redemption/grace: wife, woman - Relationships
  105. Silly (lame?) agreements between couples: how to, guys, love, separated - Relationships
  106. which is ruder?: date, women, love, husband - Relationships
  107. Met a nice guy who happens to have a 7ft boa,what to do?: guys, love - Relationships
  108. Can a person be normal in their head without love.. EVER: dating, boyfriend - Relationships
  109. When u ask nice, have to remind... remind again...ok now no more being nice....: dating, how to - Relationships
  110. not like being touched?: wife, girlfriend, lesbians, Asian - Relationships
  111. When did you settle down?: wife, how to, marriage, family - Relationships
  112. Does feel like they are not normal: dating, boyfriend - Relationships
  113. Am I the only hypocrite: call, friends, good looking, restaurant - Relationships
  114. I want a current or former football player for a bf: guy, personality - Relationships
  115. How do you know when it's real love vs comfort/familiarity?: married, romantic - Relationships
  116. Jada, you lost: husband, kids, sex, divorced - Relationships
  117. double standards AGAINST MEN: boyfriend, girlfriend, married, women - Relationships
  118. after the first fight: dating, girlfriends, women, single - Relationships
  119. I told my boyfriend I have chlamydia and this is how he reacted...: women, love - Relationships
  120. Has your S/O ever gotten upset with you for LUSTING after an entertainer?: wife, boyfriend - Relationships
  121. When are two people considered exclusive?: women, cheating, young, looking - Relationships
  122. advice for dating a newly divorced woman: married, husband, separated - Relationships
  123. girlfriend says I should give up relationship w adult kids and grandkids for her- am I wrong not to?: wife, married - Relationships
  124. Would you date a man that Lived with his Mother?: dating, girlfriend - Relationships
  125. Just back from Spencer Tunick photo: husband, people, like, mother - Relationships
  126. Chris Brown gets probation/community service: woman, kid, reason, people - Relationships
  127. for men who used online dating sites: women, love, profiles - Relationships
  128. what does he want?: dates, women, kids, sex - Relationships
  129. Taller girl...seriously!: date, married, women, love - Relationships
  130. Gayness signs??: boyfriends, girlfriend, man, gay - Relationships
  131. Married and happy? Do you ever think a lot about someone who you are attracted to?: wife, marriage - Relationships
  132. Mehow, a plain looking guy, picks up beautiful strangers: girls, young, kissing - Relationships
  133. mmm ...What makes a one night stand versus a go-nowhere torrid affair?: married, guys - Relationships
  134. When is it time to call a relatioship quits?: dating, woman, love - Relationships
  135. What do you guys think of this??: wife, woman, husband - Relationships
  136. News: Ex-boyfriend adopts her kids: date, girlfriend, women, love - Relationships
  137. Men are you able to have sex with a woman if you are madly in love and pining for a different woman?: attracted, pregnant - Relationships
  138. 1st vacation together- meet the family how soon is too soon?: dating, married - Relationships
  139. in love/out of love: dating, marriage, woman, cheat - Relationships
  140. Am I supposed to be receiving emoitional support from a women who has a boyfriend???: friendship, feeling - Relationships
  141. Poll for straight men: Christian, women, gay, personality - Relationships
  142. Why is the Universe messing with my head????: boyfriend, long distance, marrying - Relationships
  143. Does this seem fishy to you? I think he was seeing both of us at the same time?: dating, boyfriend - Relationships
  144. What would you say in this situation?: years, fat - Relationships
  145. Am I Hardwired For Alpha Girls Only?: how to, married, women - Relationships
  146. Women and touching: lesbians, romantic, interested, difference - Relationships
  147. Internet dating: sex, second - Relationships
  148. this is creepy...: girlfriend, how to, women, older - Relationships
  149. Lot of women don't realize this is TOO MUCH INFORMATION: sex, call - Relationships
  150. My husband wants to know...why he is not getting sex while the child is at home: kids, years - Relationships
  151. Verbal Abuse: wife, how to, marry, women - Relationships
  152. how forgiving are you?: married, man, love, husband - Relationships
  153. What does your wife, g/f, bf, signif other say about your CD posting: women, husband - Relationships
  154. Aftershocks after sex?: women, German, brother, second - Relationships
  155. SO's child coming for a visit for a MONTH: wife, boyfriend, man - Relationships
  156. the in-laws/culture clash: Christian, marriage, woman, love - Relationships
  157. Is This Bad Manners?: wife, marriage, guys, love - Relationships
  158. Old friends ridicule my husband and me because we sleep in separate rooms?: wife, marriage - Relationships
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  162. Close friends or best friends of opposite sex: surrogate, dating, wife - Relationships
  163. Perception of average-looking women as a guy ages: dating, love, attracted - Relationships
  164. HELP - my girlfriend only likes sex without emotions: dating, marriage, woman - Relationships
  165. Am I wrong?: girlfriend, women, love, gay - Relationships
  166. Should I visit her again?: how to, woman, family, attractive - Relationships
  167. Have you ever really liked someone and still wanted to see them but just weren't in love with them?: girlfriend, girl - Relationships
  168. Swollen, purple, and leaning to the left: love, different, addict - Relationships
  169. Why are so many single women in New York alone?: married, husband - Relationships
  170. Long Distance Relationships: dating, married, guy, love
  171. Don't Cry For Me In Argentina: date, wives, marriage, women - Relationships
  172. Men: Do you stick up for your wife when her family is mean to her?: marriage, woman - Relationships
  173. Are you addicted to the INTERNET? Is it affecting your relationships/life?: married, divorced
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  180. Did i do the right thing: wife, boyfriend, girl - Relationships
  181. awful marriages: wife, marriage, woman, love - Relationships
  182. What stuff you wouldn't like in a partner or date?: women, cheaters - Relationships
  183. What stuff would you want in a partner or date?: married, woman - Relationships
  184. I hate the bar scene because everyone there are all floozies and phonies = I don't know how to meet people at bars ?: dating, women - Relationships
  185. Opinions on barsexuals.: women, kissing, definition, serious - Relationships
  186. Crush on my boss: dating, girlfriend, woman, older - Relationships
  187. Husband's Porn Addiction - Problem??: wife, lesbian, marriage, guy - Relationships
  188. Do You Always Defend Your Spouse?: wife, husband, kids, couples - Relationships
  189. Ladies and Gentlemen! Which Celebrity would you go gay for?! - Relationships
  190. How do you act when you meet someone you really like?: women, attracted - Relationships
  191. What feel like the inlaws are ignoring the step child?: dating, married - Relationships
  192. Dating preferences and experience: wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, how to - Relationships
  193. Make girls run after you: dating, women, love, attractive - Relationships
  194. Are musicians more likely to cheat than others?: wives, movies, girlfriends - Relationships
  195. Is serial cheating due to personality disorder?: wife, marriage, women - Relationships
  196. Online dating: woman, love, single, family - Relationships
  197. should I break up with my bf? - I love him but...: woman, attracted - Relationships
  198. Top 9 Reasons to Love Your Unrequited Love: beautiful, perfect, people - Relationships
  199. Getting Past Your Past - Relationships
  200. News, Man granted divorce for mother-in-law's nagging.: wife, husband, relations - Relationships