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  1. Man Coughs up Blood Clot shaped like Lungs - Current Events
  2. Uh-Oh... SpaghettiOs Assault In Pittsburgh - Current Events
  3. Virtual Kidnapping Scam - Current Events
  4. A different kind of looter in the CA fires - Current Events
  5. Flaw in new rules lets child-on-child sex abusers escape legal consequences - Current Events
  6. Thank you veterans 2018 - Current Events
  7. Armed Police Rescue Gerbil in the UK - Current Events
  8. Cabbie keeps box of items left in cab for over 30 years - Current Events
  9. Bike thief caught on Gladstone PD camera gets caught - Current Events
  10. Subway Credit Card Receipt Class Action Settlement - Current Events
  11. Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone! - Current Events
  12. NC county fought for public prayer, and lost. Now it has to pay the ACLU $285k. - Current Events
  13. Female UFC Fighter Beats Would-Be Robber to a Bloody Pulp - Current Events
  14. Would you date a 25 y/o virgin male? - Current Events
  15. Boy writes letter to dad in heaven, receives reply - Current Events
  16. Missing Mom & 2 Kids in GA - Current Events
  17. Politically Correct Weatherman Uses Term “Snowperson,” Hilarity Ensues - Current Events
  18. Eleven Year Old Boy Saves Drowning Man - Current Events
  19. Man tries to abduct woman that runs into a karate studio! - Current Events
  20. Ferry Crashes into Dock of San Francisco's Ferry Building - Current Events
  21. Human Rights Day - Current Events
  22. Police on lookout for McDonald's brawler who allegedly battered manager over condiment - Current Events
  23. Air traffic delays due to insufficient staffing - Current Events
  24. Landscaper Accused Of Burying Year-Old Daughter In Customer's Yard... - Current Events
  25. Journey shuts down Charlotte - Current Events
  26. Two women slashed after trying to pet service dog on Bronx: police - Current Events
  27. New App to report threats of school shooting - Current Events
  28. 6 children die and 12 sick from adenovirus at pediatric care facility - Current Events
  29. Pittsburgh Post Gazette prints Kaddish as banner headline - Current Events
  30. Florida woman allegedly attacks her parents for not taking her to Outback Steakhouse: 'I'm going to kill you' - Current Events
  31. Cyntoia Brown is granted executive clemency - Current Events
  32. Forklift Driver Causes an Entire Warehouse to Fall like Dominoes - Current Events
  33. Should You Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? - Current Events
  34. Mom Wants Handler To Let Kid Pet Service Dog - Current Events
  35. Boyfriend tries to leave, girlfriend climbs on car as he drives, becomes Darwin Award winner - Current Events
  36. Woman Leaves Scene Of Accident With Cop On The Hood Of Her Car - Current Events
  37. Americans tourists in drunken bar brawl at the Aruba Ritz Carlton on Christmas Eve - Current Events
  38. WI Babysitter Returns Dead Infant To Mom, Dressed As If He Were Asleep - Current Events
  39. Aquarium Apologizes for Calling Sea Otter a ‘Thicc Girl’ - Current Events
  40. College chemistry student charged with poisoning roommate - Current Events
  41. US cheese surplus - why isn't it being served in prisons, shelters, school lunch programs? - Current Events
  42. Kids cause $800,000 in damage to cars - Current Events
  43. Postage Stamp Mix-Up - Current Events
  44. Fifth-grade son barely knows alphabet, doesn’t speak English - Current Events
  45. Girls, 12 and 14, accused of murdering mom after being punished for trying to mow her down - Current Events
  46. Woman says her son couldn't afford his insulin – now he's dead - Current Events
  47. Elon Musk's Amazing New Hyper Tunnel Opens in LA! - Current Events
  48. Xmas/new year bar rules at a scottish establishment. - Current Events
  49. Child falls in rhino enclosure - Current Events
  50. A Sad Christmas Story that is No longer Written So Often - Current Events
  51. Three charged with having heroin in Pender County jail after two hospitalized - Current Events
  52. Hospitals will have to post prices online starting January 1 - Current Events
  53. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie to divorce after 25 years of marriage - Current Events
  54. Male customer caught on video violently attacking female McDonald's employees - Current Events
  55. This just angers me so much, 5yr old gets beaten up - Current Events
  56. Whopper of a story - Current Events
  57. Would-Be Kidnapper Stopped by Heroic Karate Instructor at his Studio - Current Events
  58. Two CA Nuns Admit To Embezzling $500K Fr Catholic School To Gamble - Current Events
  59. Shots Fired At Taco Bell Over Taco Sauce - Current Events
  60. Madonna succombs to fad plastic augmentation - NYE footage on stage - Current Events
  61. Woman Comatose For 10+ Years Gives Birth In AZ Nursing Home - Current Events
  62. Uber driver hits 71-year-old woman twice at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix - Current Events
  63. Sad story: man charged with manslaughter after killing another man with a single punch - Current Events
  64. Cops decide to play Russian Roulette, doesn't end well. - Current Events
  65. 56 Yr. Old Truck Driver Wins $298 Million Powerball - Current Events
  66. Four Boys Charged in Gang Rape of 13-Year-Old Delaware Girl - Current Events
  67. 3 year old hung out with a bear while missing for days - Current Events
  68. Women Go Berserk After Credit Card Denied At TX Mall Eatery - Current Events
  69. KFC Gravy Scented Candle - Current Events
  70. man didn't realize it was loaded - Current Events
  71. Family removed from plane after fellow passengers allegedly complained about body odor - Current Events
  72. School superintendent paid for student’s medical treatment with her insurance - Current Events
  73. Exotic dancer murdered wealthy lover after he dumped her - Current Events
  74. Alaskan father and son sentenced for killing a bear and her shrieking cubs - Current Events
  75. Unpaid UK Construction Worker Bulldozes Lobby Of Building Site - Current Events
  76. United Passenger Carps About Being Seated Between Two Big Pigs - Current Events
  77. FedEx worker found frozen to death outside Illinois facility - Current Events
  78. Updated News On Fate of SS United States - Current Events
  79. Mom calls out man who fat-shamed her on flight: 'I'm only sorry I couldn't take up more space' - Current Events
  80. Peru: Pallbearer Falls On Coffin As It's Being Lowered...Body Falls Out - Current Events
  81. Army veteran was let go as a Best Buy security guard for helping deputies catch a suspect on the run - Current Events
  82. After Hearing U.S. Veteran Had No Family, Huge Crowd Attends His Funeral In Texas - Current Events
  83. Florida man he stole opioids... - Current Events
  84. Woman OKs Pulling the Plug on Man She Was Her Brother -- It wasn't, She's Suing Hospital - Current Events
  85. Flight attendant says overweight passenger forced her to wipe his butt - Current Events
  86. SNAP benefits issued early due to shutdown, but then no more - Current Events
  87. Porch pirate + glitter bomb + fart spray = hilarious revenge - Current Events
  88. Birdbox challenge: Teen crashed vehicle while blindfolded - Current Events
  89. woman skips out on manicure and runs over shop owner - Current Events
  90. Child beaten to death for Xbox juice spill - Current Events
  91. 2-year-old dies from getting crowns — now his parents are suing - Current Events
  92. Jet Blue Passenger Freaks Out, Calling Ticket Agent A Rapist - Current Events
  93. Teens fight at McDonald's after being told too old for play area - Current Events
  94. KY Teacher Fired For Dragging Autistic 9-Year-Old Down Hallway - Current Events
  95. Woman drags her dog using motorized scooter, then claims it's not her dog to police investigating - Current Events
  96. How are YOU affected by the government shutdown (no political statements) - Current Events
  97. News, Research details the 'rapid increase in homelessness' in certain U.S. cities - Current Events
  98. Toddler dies right in front of house - Current Events
  99. Middle School student suspended for paying for lunch with a counterfeit $20 - Current Events
  100. Two deer with one shot: She's a 101-year-old hunter and she's still going strong - Current Events
  101. Customers & Workers Fight At Rochester, NY Wendy's Drive-Thru - Current Events
  102. Girl bitten in the face by dog; Law enforcement can do nothing - Current Events
  103. Mom shocked when security camera appears to show ghost of late son - Current Events
  104. Truck jumps curb, runs three kids down. - Current Events
  105. Three Florida kids die after accidentally trapping themselves in freezer - Current Events
  106. Woman accidentally kills boyfriend while posing for Snapchat photo with rifle. - Current Events
  107. 30 staff members give birth to 31 babies at Minnesota hospital - Current Events
  108. Roomate steals $10 milliion winning lottery ticket - Current Events
  109. Half a million in cash falls out of armored truck - Current Events
  110. Parents protect 10 year old son from assault; Austin Texas - Current Events
  111. Baby mountain lion sick after humans warmed it up and fed it bratwurst - Current Events
  112. idiots, so going to sue you - Current Events
  113. Man faces criticism for setting up GoFundMe to buy Christmas gifts for family - Current Events
  114. High school bans Canada Goose and Moncler jackets. - Current Events
  115. Suspected mass serial killer admits to 90 murders - Current Events
  116. 21-year-old man sentenced to 55 years for killing 13 seniors and injuring one. - Current Events
  117. Stan Lee has died. - Current Events
  118. Carmakers are collecting data and cashing in – and most drivers have no clue - Current Events
  119. High school e-cigarette use has jumped nearly 80%. Now, the FDA wants new regulations - Current Events
  120. Dad Dresses As Referee To Influence High School Football Game - Current Events
  121. Martin Gutierrez, missing in Austin - Current Events
  122. Georgia woman sues after being held in jail for 3 months for possession of cotton candy - Current Events
  123. Baby choking at Golden Corral saved by good samaritan who gave her the Heimlich maneuver - Current Events
  124. First gene-edited babies claimed in China - Current Events
  125. Think twice before you try tandem hang gliding - Current Events
  126. Rossen Reports: How to avoid fake Uber or Lyft drivers - NBC News - Current Events
  127. Man finds safe containing $7.5M inside storage unit he bought for $500 - Current Events
  128. The List of Californians Missing In The Camp Fire Wildfire - Current Events
  129. NJ brother-business partner set fire to own house on morning his brother and family killed - Current Events
  130. American Killed in Flurry of Arrows - Current Events
  131. Couple enters grand Canyon 9/18 and their bodies were discovered 10/1... what happened? - Current Events
  132. Jury delivers $25.5 million 'statement' to Aetna to change its ways - Current Events
  133. School Bus Driver Arrested For Driving Through Floodwaters With Student On Board - Current Events
  134. People are aghast after man samples soup directly from ladle in supermarket - Current Events
  135. Whitie Bulger murdered. - Current Events
  136. Twenty-Two Year Old, 125-LB Woman Chokes Club Bouncer Unconscious... - Current Events
  137. Couple who plunged to their deaths at Yosemite was taking a selfie, relative says - Current Events
  138. Daylight Savings Time in over this Week - Current Events
  139. Two Middle-School Girls Planned to Kill Kids, Drink Their Blood, Police Say - Current Events
  140. There's hope for humanity - Current Events
  141. Teacher arrested for sex with minor family member after seen on adult video - Current Events
  142. Transracial teenage girl on Dr. Phil outed as a fraud. - Current Events
  143. Boy sent home from school for hole in jeans - Current Events
  144. Well, this is fun: A dog shoots his owner. - Current Events
  145. Fist fight with teacher and student - Current Events
  146. 'You can sit in your seat or you can be left behind': Delta passenger forced to fly in seat stained with feces - Current Events
  147. 11-year-old boy killed grandmother... - Current Events
  148. amber alert: 13 year old abducted in North Carolina - Current Events
  149. Three Girl Scouts and one adult are killed in hit-and-run - Current Events
  150. Florida woman cuts man's face after he refuses to have sex with her - Current Events
  151. World's Tallest Statue Unveiled - Current Events
  152. bus drops in river after a fight between driver and passenger - Current Events
  153. They will have to wait- bus driver kicks everyone off when... - Current Events
  154. Hershey's Kisses Scandal - Current Events
  155. Utah health teacher shot and killed her ex-husband's girlfriend in front of the former couple's twin daughter's. - Current Events
  156. Verizon says 10,000 employees have accepted its buyout offer - Current Events
  157. CVS employees fired for stopping robbery... - Current Events
  158. Mother Has Mall Santa Feed Child w/Gastrostomy (Weird or Heartwarming?) - Current Events
  159. Kid brings blow-up sex toy to school for nativity. - Current Events
  160. Homeless woman throws hot coffee in doughnut shop owner's face - Current Events
  161. Not All Starbucks Restrooms Are Open For Business - Current Events
  162. 2nd deadliest Ebola outbreak in history spreads to major city, raising new challenges for containment - Current Events
  163. Most Modified Man - Current Events
  164. Man Arrested For Shoplifting At Kohl's...After Job Interview There - Current Events
  165. Newsweek: Candy Canes BANNED by School Principal Shape is J for Jesus - Current Events
  166. Bullying of black child - Current Events
  167. California wants to tax your texts - Current Events
  168. could you live without your smartphone for a year? 100K if you can - Current Events
  169. Trucker saves dogs thrown out of moving vehicle - Current Events
  170. Homeless man helps Secret Santa give out $100 bills to strangers - Current Events
  171. Tennessee Woman Killed 4 Adopted Children, Self - Current Events
  172. One good turn deserves another. - Current Events
  173. 17 year old Wal Mart Employee Quits job over Store Intercom - Current Events
  174. American student living in Netherlands found stabbed to death in her apartment in Rotterdam - Current Events
  175. Pastor gifts wife $200k Lambo for anniversary - Current Events
  176. Married Fox TV meteorologist mother-of-two who hung herself after LASIK eye surgery. - Current Events
  177. Man Yells There's No Santa Nonstop at Family Holiday Event - Current Events
  178. Dogs in the backseat, kids in the trunk - for a 900-mile drive - Current Events
  179. Starbucks barista accused of mocking man's name: 'How could they get John and Chang messed up?' - Current Events
  180. Man Proposes at Times Square and Drops Rings in Utility Grate - Current Events
  181. Football players suspended from team for running naked with Oreos wedged in buttocks - Current Events
  182. Students served pine sol - Current Events
  183. George H.W. Bush dies at 94 - Respects only, as per mod - Current Events
  184. New Mexico is not a state? - Current Events
  185. Florida woman pulls knife on man after loud farting complaints - Current Events
  186. Southwest Apologizes to Mother After Employee Mocks Daughter Named “Abcde” - Current Events
  187. Payless tricks social media influencers. - Current Events
  188. 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Anchorage Alaska - Current Events
  189. Woman Stabbed By Panhandler She Tried To Help (And Died) - Current Events
  190. Carla Stefaniak - Missing Woman in Costa Rica AirBNB - Current Events
  191. Ohio dad makes his bullying daughter walk to school - Current Events
  192. Australian researchers develop 10-minute cancer test - Current Events
  193. Hitchhiking Race - Current Events
  194. USA Gymnastics Files for Bankruptcy - Current Events
  195. Rob calls.. whats the scam? - Current Events
  196. DUI Charge For Tesla Driver Who Was Sleeping While Vehicle In Auto-Pilot Mode - Current Events
  197. HOLY COW! 76 tall cow! - Current Events
  198. Woman sues Hilton for $100 million, alleging employee filmed her in the shower and tried to extort her - Current Events
  199. Children Pine Sol to drink by accident - Current Events
  200. Two men expected to plead guilty in Minnesota mosque bombing - Current Events