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  72. my 12 month old son barks: toddlers, girl, video, brother - Parenting
  73. If a child is begging for then give it to them: teens, newborn - Parenting
  74. What are things your child gets away with, that you couldnt........: parents, snacks - Parenting
  75. On Christmas morning do you let your kids go wild and open the gifts?: game, appropriate - Parenting
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  77. How many of your kid's friends got macbooks/iphones?: parents, son, 4 year old - Parenting
  78. My kids' favorite gift was....: step-dad, have to tell, games, clothes - Parenting
  79. Young boy being allowed to feed branches into a Wood Chipper: day care, teaching - Parenting
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  89. Avg. amount of kids: teenager, average, wife, children - Parenting
  90. The hardest part of parenting? When they grow up.: support, parents, boy
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  99. Names should be after the first or second birthday, good idea?: baby, pregnant - Parenting
  100. snooping for presents: stepmother, parents, play, son - Parenting
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  102. Play dates and gun control....: babysit, baby, parents, son - Parenting
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  126. The big one...: day care, Tourettes, parents, wife - Parenting
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  131. The dangers of crying it out: teenagers, infants, support - Parenting
  132. Stupid Stunts on You Tube Killing Teens: ideas, games, parents - Parenting
  133. California First State to Ban Gay Cure therapy: legal, teenager - Parenting
  134. Unbelievable - that a parent would ask their kid this: support, parents - Parenting
  135. Should I call CPS?: stepfather, girls, children, two year old - Parenting
  136. Bizarre Childcare Issue (money related): child care, baby, parent, daughter - Parenting
  137. Mister and Miss [First Name]: teaching, parents, son, 10 years old - Parenting
  138. Why is my daughter acting like this?: toy, parents, 4 year old - Parenting
  139. How would you feel about having a transgender child?: parents, girl, son - Parenting
  140. Were you raised in a black and white world?: teaching, parents, boy - Parenting
  141. mommy cards - have one?: babysitters, baby, parent - Parenting
  142. Am I horrible to think like this?: support, single parent, parents - Parenting
  143. How would you react if a kid came to your kid's school with hair like this?: legal, teens - Parenting
  144. Flying with an infant on lap: infants, parents, wife, accidents - Parenting
  145. My Daughter's friend is 16 and wants to move with us - bad situation at home. What are the laws?: child support, sitter - Parenting
  146. Daughter 22mnths. Weird shake/tremble. Insight: milk, baby, parents - Parenting
  147. Breastfeeding in public - older children: bi-polar, teenager, breast milk - Parenting
  148. First Overnight Field Trip questions: ideas, game, parent, girls - Parenting
  149. does my son fondling himself in front of another child a foreboding sign?: parent, girls - Parenting
  150. Just because you dont spank your kids......................: sitter, method, punishment - Parenting
  151. Underage cigarette smoking: babysitting, legally, teens, baby - Parenting
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  155. Pros and cons of two consecutive babies?: breastfeeding, milk, infant - Parenting
  156. When is it OK to hit a girl?..................Hear me out.: bullying, teenagers - Parenting
  157. Annoying 3 yr. old needs distractions... ideas: babysitter, have to tell, baby - Parenting
  158. 4 year old with ADHD: method, parent, playing, son - Parenting
  159. Thoughts on this b/c I really don't know: party, parents - Parenting
  160. Do You Believe Being To Controlling Creates Rebellion?: party, legal, teens - Parenting
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  162. Things you don't know about your parents: party, stepfather, divorced - Parenting
  163. Give Trick or Treat Candy to Babies?: teenagers, parents, daughter - Parenting
  164. Can't Afford Children: childcare, pregnant, parent, wife - Parenting
  165. Can Your Children Find Their Way Home?: wife, son, 1 year old - Parenting
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  167. Got a call from the School Counselor today: teenage, divorced, parents - Parenting
  168. My teenage daughter is smoking - need help,: legal, parents, girl - Parenting
  169. How to fix sneaky behavior: punishment, out of control, games, snacks - Parenting
  170. Suddenly glasses?: diabetes, games, boys, play - Parenting
  171. Put down the cell phone and watch your kids!: games, parents, boy - Parenting
  172. ever live in a homeless shelter with a child?: toys, parent - Parenting
  173. How to handle father to be grandfather...: baby, diabetes, game - Parenting
  174. How do you become an effective positive disciplinarian?: spanking, toddlers, game - Parenting
  175. When children begin to speak - the timing of it: teens, autism - Parenting
  176. aftermath of kids witnessing a miscarriage: babysitting, baby, support, parent - Parenting
  177. When to talk with boys?: babies, parents, girls, appropriate - Parenting
  178. Parents of young adults: when did you stop referring to your house as home when speaking to them?: support, son - Parenting
  179. Moving with 1 year old - custody issue.: child support, daycare, legally - Parenting
  180. What can we try?: babysitters, ADHD, cartoons, ideas - Parenting
  181. News about the effect of giving kids unrestricted internet access.: teens, parents - Parenting
  182. What's up with my 11 year old niece?: teenagers, baby, games - Parenting
  183. Why do parents of gay children remain silent when they KNOW their kid is gay?: teenage, support - Parenting
  184. Talking about moving out to a parent (long, sorry): ideas, legal, have to tell her - Parenting
  185. How do you keep going as a parent when everything you do is wrong?: support, parents - Parenting
  186. How old were you...: party, babies, pregnant, wife - Parenting
  187. Why Do So Many Think That Discipline Involves Spanking?: method, punishment, game - Parenting
  188. In An Event Such As This......: girl, children, 10 year old, safety - Parenting
  189. Can we stop the judgement?: baby, parents, girl, chores - Parenting
  190. My daughter: single mom, activities, learning, school - Parenting
  191. Strangers filming your child: weigh, games, parents, girl - Parenting
  192. News, Parents Punish Teen by Posting Goofy Photos on Her Facebook Page. Epic or Awful?: teenagers, girl - Parenting
  193. Who do YOU trust with your children?: daycare, baby, parents - Parenting
  194. child is going to jail and I am unable to have much sympathy. Is this normal?: legal, punishment - Parenting
  195. The government is pushing removal of Mother and Father and replace them with parent: maternity, baby - Parenting
  196. Is it typical for sixth grade boys to curse...A LOT?: pregnancy, parents - Parenting
  197. Can't understand your children's mumbling? - Parenting
  198. Video, Boy squeaks after swallowing whistle.: toy, son, 7 year old, family - Parenting
  199. Helping out others, one step at a time: 4 year old, moms, working - Parenting
  200. Encouraging girls to see science as *cool*: ideas, toy, students - Parenting