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  95. commute to work and manage stuff: day care, baby, toddlers, parents - Parenting
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  116. Helicoptering Parenting: child care, games, parents, girl
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  130. LDS missionaries asked for daughter by name: legal, parent, 14 years old - Parenting
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  132. How do you not know if your own daughter has gotten her period?: teenager, parents - Parenting
  133. Dual income parents: What is life like for your elementary school aged kid?: day care, support - Parenting
  134. A transgendered friend: support, single parents, games, parents - Parenting
  135. Meet the kids before allowing?: parent, girls, appropriate, daughter - Parenting
  136. Do your kids have a sophisticated palate?: meal, picky eater, teens - Parenting
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  140. Dispelling the Stereotypes of Drugs and Youth: party, legal, teens - Parenting
  141. There needs to be more stringent laws in relation to child custody: child care, party - Parenting
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  157. Keeping wedding dress for my daughter. Or sell it? Good or bad idea?: party, girls - Parenting
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  160. How often do grandma and grandpa see your kids?: divorce, parents, wife - Parenting
  161. Parents, what do your kids listen to?: milk, boy, play - Parenting
  162. Do you think I would make a good mom?: child support, breastfeed, milk - Parenting
  163. Just had baby, born with green eyes?: newborn, parents, wife - Parenting
  164. Lots of High School teens getting pregnant?: babysitting, baby, pregnancy - Parenting
  165. What would you teach kids who are 2 years of age?: teaching, parent - Parenting
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  169. It's Unfair For You To Read To Your Children: parents, playing, daughter - Parenting
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  174. It really isn't kindergarten anymore: ADHD, parents, play - Parenting
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  180. what time did you or your partner give birth?: babies, natural, girlfriend - Parenting
  181. 9 year old girl goes clepto on her older sister: allowance, divorce, parents - Parenting
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  184. Sad we are done having kids: teenagers, babies, toddlers, pregnant - Parenting
  185. Advice on getting absurdly mad at children?: parents, safety, raise - Parenting
  186. Was your second child a late or early talker compared to your first?: activities, son - Parenting
  187. How would you feel if your daughter took up stripping?: support, parent - Parenting
  188. GF and son living with me - getting kid to follow the rules: stepdad, punishment - Parenting
  189. How do you to people with bad kids??: method, out of control, parents - Parenting
  190. My 8th grader son asked me to buy him condoms...: teens, babies - Parenting
  191. Grandmother does not follow instructions:: day care, method, infant, toys - Parenting
  192. Darned if you do, darned if you don't.: baby, parents, boy - Parenting
  193. Disruptive kids in swim classes: teens, out of control, parent, boy - Parenting
  194. feel bad about not liking son's girlfriend: parents, getting married, college - Parenting
  195. Parents make a big mistake spoiling their kids: games, wife, activities - Parenting
  196. Full day Kindergarten OR half day....?: childcare, method, SAHM, baby - Parenting
  197. Something for kids of all ages: games, music - Parenting
  198. The Importance of Reading To Your Children: smart - Parenting
  199. Parents beware: Net Nanny parental control software is vulnerable to attack: method, children - Parenting
  200. Free Educational Software for Children - Parenting