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  14. Moving to a new state, how to get before offer?: negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  15. adverse possession: fee, property, attorney, state - Real Estate
  16. News, House Up For Sale Next To Obama's Hyde Park Home.: price, property - Real Estate
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  26. Buy home in PA or NC while living in NJ for next year?: feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
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  28. property management companies: tenant, clause, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  29. take advantage of he $8000 tax credit?: claim, deposit, company - Real Estate
  30. On re-reviewing the HUD statement on the house I sold: income tax, fees - Real Estate
  31. escrow money: agent, agreement, construction, attorney - Real Estate
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  33. How to choose a real estate agent: recommendation, sales, agreement
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  36. Case Shiller by City: foreclosures, sales, realty, housing - Real Estate
  37. ‘The Forecast Calls for Pain’: Despite Hopes, Anxiety Bedevils Housing: foreclosures, mortgage - Real Estate
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  47. live in atlanta: buy a house, buy - Real Estate
  48. Offer Accepted, Signed PA now the bank accepted another offer??: contingencies, negotiation - Real Estate
  49. Has notice the price bumps?: sales, housing, percentage, comparables - Real Estate
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  52. NC leased damaged property: tenant, fee, landlord, legal - Real Estate
  53. Credit for Items Found During Inspection: agent, price, property, attorney - Real Estate
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  67. my landlord keeps coming in!: tenants, documents, housing, landlords - Real Estate
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  69. Want to rent out my condo, how do I calculate land value?: square foot, appraised - Real Estate
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  71. ethical issue- help: agent, commission, properties, rental - Real Estate
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  74. Need Real Estate 101: agent, fees, insurance, condo
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  83. Cancel counter offer?: contingent, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  84. Determining the REAL purchase price of a house in Raleigh, NC: incentive, foreclosure - Real Estate
  85. News, Economic crisis hits property that may have sheltered Capone.: auction, foreclosed - Real Estate
  86. under contract backup offers: appraisal, agent, sale, accepting - Real Estate
  87. counter-offering advice needed: appraisal, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  88. Banks and property taxes, HOA fees, deed restriction compliance and utility payments?: auction, foreclosed - Real Estate
  89. we are clear to close and have a closing date, but credit dropped from 652 to 584 points!!: insurance, agreement - Real Estate
  90. about executed contract: contingent, auction, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  91. Strange situation with appraisal: clause, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  92. How long to get earnest deposit back?: contingency, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  93. problems with HOA: documents, foreclosures, sales, fees - Real Estate
  94. Will a house that is 'green certified' be a big deal for resale?: appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  95. Lien how to handle: agent, sale, insurance, property - Real Estate
  96. What does $150,000 buy in your area?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  97. HOA is not active best i can tell: tenants, settlement, attorney - Real Estate
  98. Buying a home without a buyer's agent: disclosures, recommendation, negotiating - Real Estate
  99. Real estate contract: extension renewal: clause, new agent, commission, fee
  100. oh...high radon levels in prospective new house...: contract, builder, cost - Real Estate
  101. House Comps: townhouse, bedrooms, buy a house, neighborhood - Real Estate
  102. buying a house. uestions: feedback, incentive, appraise, 2% - Real Estate
  103. If you are a motivated seller, then lower your price!: appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  104. Are realtors and mortgage brokers supposed to buy you a housewarming/closing gift?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  105. Cash house purchase: appraisal, foreclosed, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  106. Cancellation agreement reads 'buyer's remorse' - advice: contingencies, clause, agent - Real Estate
  107. Old and renovated, or new?: 5%, mortgages, sales, percentage - Real Estate
  108. Effective home pricing...: RE agent, appraisal, auction, agent - Real Estate
  109. Coldwell Banker Realtor: 6%, negotiations, agent, commissions - Real Estate
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  111. walk through berore 5 days: clause, agent, attorney, contract - Real Estate
  112. Is a house built in 1991 too old to buy?: disclosure, agent, sale - Real Estate
  113. Ever buy acreage just to squat on?: cheapest, sale, price - Real Estate
  114. easements for advertising: housing, lawsuits, property, attorney - Real Estate
  115. Is this offensive to seller?: 2013, agent, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  116. Why does the media not factor in principal payments when saying renting out for a loss: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  117. Give me insight?! Is it all bull or what?!: RE market, appraisal - Real Estate
  118. Adverse Possession: agents, property, legal, claim - Real Estate
  119. What does $250,000 buy in your area?: square foot, sale, condo, prices - Real Estate
  120. How often do you encounter people who own a home outright?: investments, properties - Real Estate
  121. CRAZY Camp #7: for Sellers, Buyers, Agents & Friendly Folks-read post 1: appraisal, condo - Real Estate
  122. CRAZY Camp #6: for Sellers, Buyers, Agents & Friendly Folks-read post 1 or better... post 2 :): appraisal, banks - Real Estate
  123. for Realtors: foreclosed, 5%, agent, investment - Real Estate
  124. Pigs are flying - Obama contemplating new stimulus (including extending homebuyer's tax credit): 4%, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  125. Your opinion on extension of first-time home buyer tax credit: incentive, foreclosure - Real Estate
  126. Buying a house with cash.....from agents involved.......: price, lawyers - Real Estate
  127. Model home illusion: disclosure, square footage, sales, price - Real Estate
  128. uses of drainage easement in backyard: feedback, housing, property, legal - Real Estate
  129. How much communication with Realtor is NORMAL?: feedback, incentive, square foot - Real Estate
  130. Overly aggresive or stalker?: agent, price, illegal, state - Real Estate
  131. Earnest Monies for Offer on new home/ Realty Company Policy: contingencies, feedback - Real Estate
  132. homes are still overpriced, or not?: RE agent, foreclosure, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  133. What if seller is not out by closing?: appraisal, agent, sales - Real Estate
  134. Would this be crazy???: appraisal, foreclose, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  135. eContracts - How many people use them?: negotiation, agents, percentage - Real Estate
  136. Balloon is up. Auction Time?`: tenants, appraisal, auctions, agent - Real Estate
  137. What's the best a brand new home, 3 year old home, or a older home?: foreclosure, sale - Real Estate
  138. Are we being too conservative with what we can afford?: foreclosures, mortgage - Real Estate
  139. Buyer's Agent Removed during Closing: Can I prevent her from getting commission?: commissions, fee - Real Estate
  140. Leaving items in house for new owner?: agent, property, contract - Real Estate
  141. Finding a buyers agent for 1st timers: RE agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  142. Protections in closing documents that protect seller: documentation, clause, negotiation - Real Estate
  143. Sellers back out of contract?: documentation, clause, agent, sales - Real Estate
  144. How to prove the listing date?: contingency, disclosure, documentation, agent - Real Estate
  145. how long does it take to hear back on an appraisal: contingency, foreclosures - Real Estate
  146. seller is not happy with buyer's home inspector: disclosure, agent, sale - Real Estate
  147. Accepted 1 offer, loosing bidder is now harassing us: feedback, documents, agent - Real Estate
  148. Open house horror stories (the other side): tenants, agent, offer - Real Estate
  149. Real Estate Agent and Lawyer: RE agent, contingent, disclosure, appraisal
  150. Your home is worth less then you think it is: 1%, agent - Real Estate
  151. Home Price start falling again: incentive, prices, state, interest rate - Real Estate
  152. How early to contact agents?: RE market, recommendation, square footage, countertop - Real Estate
  153. House Does Not Sell After 6 Months.....What Next?: square footage, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  154. Should I install granite counters?: feedback, investment, condo, comparable - Real Estate
  155. Can you request agents NOT be at the closing?: documentation, agent, attorneys - Real Estate
  156. Buying a house that isn't for sale: disclosure, 4%, agent - Real Estate
  157. Sellers how did you.......: agent, sales, prices, inspection - Real Estate
  158. Update on being lied to about a Mello Roos house: agent, price - Real Estate
  159. Buyer's agent fee when buyer finds the house: disclosure, 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  160. Appraisal Lower Than Home Sale: foreclosure, commission, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  161. Why are dual agents allowed?: contingent, disclosure, negotiations, dual agency - Real Estate
  162. What repairs are necessary and what are not?: appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  163. Deadlines in contracts?: contingency, lawyers, states, lender - Real Estate
  164. Would most people find this floor plan appealing?: contingencies, inspection, states - Real Estate
  165. Putting offers in writing a thing of the past?: documents, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  166. Mispresented by a Pseudo RE Attorney!: documents, negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  167. Is THIS a normal closing experience?: documentation, agent, fees, settlement - Real Estate
  168. Real Estate Expert Needed: contingencies, appraisal, clause, agent
  169. So what are the benefits of buying a house again?: tenants, foreclosed - Real Estate
  170. I closed but ended up paying off buyers car?!: negotiations, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  171. are the problems listed in my home inspection: RE agent, disclosure, plumber - Real Estate
  172. Listed 9 days, 8 showings, 1 offer!: feedback, appraisal, 1%, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. How to deal with the real estate agents?: RE agent, negotiating, agent
  174. Agent brings in repair man without permission.: property, inspectors, contractors - Real Estate
  175. How do I explain to hubby that lowballing doesn't work?: negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  176. Agents: Do you feel compelled to try to preserve/save your market? And who pays the commission???: 5%, agent - Real Estate
  177. Commision: foreclosed, 5%, agent, investments - Real Estate
  178. Hidden Cameras: feedback, illegal, offer, Realtor - Real Estate
  179. At what age should I buy a house...on my own?: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. Buyers and sellers talking?: RE agent, negotiations, agent, venting - Real Estate
  181. Buyer s Agent....uuugggg!: new agent, commission, sales, fee - Real Estate
  182. amp;A For Current Expats & People Relocating to Latin American/Caribbean Countries: feedback, investment - Real Estate
  183. negotiating for a house - about seller's behavior: clause, agent, price - Real Estate
  184. estate sale HELP!: negotiations, dual agency, sales, accept - Real Estate
  185. highway noise?: properties, value, state, house - Real Estate
  186. Would you consider this utility room livable square footage?: documents, agent - Real Estate
  187. Square Footage Discrepancies...Normal?: documents, appraisal, sale, construction - Real Estate
  188. How often does the seller leave the refrigerator and washer/dryer?: waver, foreclosure - Real Estate
  189. Outside laundry a dealbreaker?: rental, kitchen, bedrooms, building - Real Estate
  190. How important are utility costs?: square foot, insurance, prices, property - Real Estate
  191. Is it Illegal what my HOA is doing???: tenants, documents, foreclose - Real Estate
  192. Military: to rent or to buy: tenants, recommendation, foreclosures, mortgage - Real Estate
  193. What's going to happen to the jumbo loan market?: incentive, mortgages - Real Estate
  194. Despite positive spin, delinquencies continue to rise: foreclosed, 4%, mortgage - Real Estate
  195. Intern in need of home buying methods: disclosures, documentation, appraisal - Real Estate
  196. Land prices: Virginia, sell, how much, county - Real Estate
  197. Shadow inventory may be 3 times listings in California: mortgage, sale, prices - Real Estate
  198. News, Calif. gov intervenes for disabled tenants.: California, Los Angeles, work - Real Estate
  199. News, New Miami incentives target vacant homes.: foreclosed, neighborhood, Florida - Real Estate
  200. 90 Day Missed Payments; Record Righs.: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, percent - Real Estate