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  2. The Last Will & Testament of an Extremely Loved Dog: yeast, American - Dogs
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  5. .. weaning: clean, vet, breeders, housebreak - Dogs
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  11. Peeing on legs?!: neutered, people - Dogs
  12. Boarding puppy for the first time, in a strange place: vet, costs - Dogs
  13. Bark a RIP OFF...: barking, rescue, cost, free - Dogs
  14. I need doggy help: keep, Colorado, stop, control - Dogs
  15. Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS): labrador, biting, vet, barking - Dogs
  16. Need help if: terrier, rescue, pups, best - Dogs
  17. The senior and agility: border collie, how much, bulldogs, bite
  18. Finnley is home...potty training questions: clean, poop, spaniel, odor - Dogs
  19. Vets Pecan Grove/Richmond TX: vet, African, pugs, free - Dogs
  20. News, Dog, trapped in car, honks for help.: labrador, home, - Dogs
  21. Cat food: bite, clean, poop, diet - Dogs
  22. Rescuing dogs from Corridor of Cruelty - Article on a great rescue group!: vet, food
  23. Dog friendly pest control: black, treatment, cats, spray - Dogs
  24. Administering Benedryl: bite, clean, vet, fleas - Dogs
  25. Sunday at the beach: labs, clean, rescue, noise - Dogs
  26. Hiding after getting spayed: vet, surgery, rescue, infection - Dogs
  27. Chase is Making Progress with SA!: housebreak, chew, pup, best - Dogs
  28. Training Books or Programs for Exciteable Dogs: border collie, shepherd, barking
  29. skin irritated on leg: border collie, shepherd, vet, treatment - Dogs
  30. Best way to housebreak dog?: training - Dogs
  31. My dog snarls when other dogs get close to her face: aggressive, train
  32. yard stinks and there are flies everywhere!!: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  33. have an Old English Bulldogge?: pitbull, bulldog, terrier - Dogs
  34. Action Kit Available To Assist w/How To Prevent Breed Discrimination: pitbulls, train - Dogs
  35. Dog Boarding in Washington DC area: lab, kennels, breed, cage - Dogs
  36. missing dog at current river: labs, bulldog, Arkansas, Kansas - Dogs
  37. Gracie found a home!: lab, pup, mixes - Dogs
  38. For financial assistance...: veterinary - Dogs
  39. Does your dog play when you are out?: boxer, terrier, toy - Dogs
  40. How many are involved in Rescue?: labs, wound, skin, train - Dogs
  41. Kangaroo Dog Treats: allergy, train, allergies, natural - Dogs
  42. Gentle Leader on Cavalier King Charles: spaniel, training, spaniels, collars - Dogs
  43. cool rescue videos: puppies, fear, doggie, family - Dogs
  44. sargeant's worm away IV: labrador, vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
  45. Dog boarding Richmond/Sugar land TX: kennels, pugs - Dogs
  46. Dog Swallowed a 24 Long Swiffer Handle: boxer, clean, vet - Dogs
  47. Do they all do this as they get older?: vet, black, training - Dogs
  48. Look at lil fluffballs!: shih tzu, cats, female, mean - Dogs
  49. Flying first time with my 5 pounder papillon: clean, vet, toy - Dogs
  50. Help! Finnley ate half of a silly band!: poop, surgery, allowed - Dogs
  51. When an engineer gets a dog: adopting, puppy, keep, exercise - Dogs
  52. Sick dog :(: vet, diarrhea, beagle, kennels - Dogs
  53. Puppy Pictures: year, hair, work - Dogs
  54. A funny for today: barks, black, noise, best - Dogs
  55. Food getting stuck in dog's ears.: clean, spaniel, spaniels - Dogs
  56. Spay/neuter & rescue: black, pups, cats, horses - Dogs
  57. Dogs Automatically Imitate People I knew it!: cross, cats, free
  58. Agility Classes: border collie, shepherd, training, collie - Dogs
  59. Lurchers: border collie, rescue, collie, greyhound - Dogs
  60. A little fun on a hot day: pup, swimming, leash - Dogs
  61. Pica in older dogs: shepherd, poop, vet, stomach
  62. Harmony Farms dry dog food...good quality?: costs, natural, chew - Dogs
  63. Kitten is driving my Weimaraner crazy..: spaniel, cocker, cats, claw - Dogs
  64. Dog harness harmful?: shepherd, wound, skin, chew - Dogs
  65. Pit Bull Saves Family from fire!: cross, breed, home, county - Dogs
  66. Wow: boxer, training, adopted, kids - Dogs
  67. Interesting Lunch Break...: rescued, bird, outside, claw - Dogs
  68. Transport Needs To Fill 2 Legs for 7/10/2010--Can You Help?: poodle, vet, treatment - Dogs
  69. What to look for in a Doggy Daycare?: lab, clean, pup - Dogs
  70. Kong Advertisement?: boxer, clean, cleaning, stomach - Dogs
  71. Uh Oh!!: clean, vet, shaking, stomach - Dogs
  72. Worthy Cause..........: best, shelter, ears, year - Dogs
  73. 11 year old Shih-Tzu with tumor: vet, surgery, infection, breeds - Dogs
  74. Chipped Tooth: clean, vet, surgery, teeth - Dogs
  75. She got sent home from doggie daycare: boxer, barking, tooth - Dogs
  76. Chase's Thundershirt Experience: clean, poop, schnauzer, training - Dogs
  77. When the dog is smarter than its owner...: how much, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  78. Ear Mites: clean, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  79. Small rash in not a good spot: allergy, boxer, vet - Dogs
  80. Missouri people or you know that can help with this in MO.: breeding, stomach - Dogs
  81. A Dog and a Goat: golden retriever, vets, rescue, adoption - Dogs
  82. My SIL is breeding her dog again: vet, breeders, cost - Dogs
  83. URGENT!!! Rescue center on fire in Los Angeles (the Valley) -- help needed: pitbull, skin - Dogs
  84. Latest to the rescue!: chihuahua, clean, vet, heartworms - Dogs
  85. know anything about a Pomeranian/Shih Poo mix?: shih tzu, poodles, clean - Dogs
  86. Questions to Ask Trainer?: lab, training, fleas, neutered - Dogs
  87. What are you looking at? How does YOUR dog pee?: boxer, chihuahua - Dogs
  88. Frozen raw dog bone? Need 101 help: clean, teeth, diarrhea, bones - Dogs
  89. Smallest dog a coyote wont eat: boxers, rottweiler, skin, adopt - Dogs
  90. Dog's got in fight one died: terrier, vet, aggressive, breeds - Dogs
  91. Puppy training issues: chihuahua, black, train, bones - Dogs
  92. My lab mix is not as snuggly or playful as he use to be is this normal: shepherd, labs - Dogs
  93. New dog - need food help: clean, vet, pomeranian, teeth - Dogs
  94. I feel like a kid counting the days till Christmas!: adopt, paws - Dogs
  95. Another day, another brushing......: retrievers, black, cats, hair - Dogs
  96. want to guess what kind of dog mix this is?: poodle, terrier - Dogs
  97. So sick of our animal control: clean, cleaning, training, rescue - Dogs
  98. Neighbor's Barking Dog: terriers, skin, training, noise - Dogs
  99. Vet visit/spay: how much, shepherd, laser, breeder - Dogs
  100. How often do you get your dog professionally groomed? If at all: lab, boxer - Dogs
  101. Is your dog smart? Give them this IQ test and find out!: bite, training - Dogs
  102. speaking of coyotes: lab, chihuahua, aggressive, black - Dogs
  103. News, Dog eats Rockford man's big toe, saves his life.: miniature, bite - Dogs
  104. puppy mill what should I do: breeders, legal, rescue - Dogs
  105. Neighbors Dogs: barking, huskies, skin, rescue
  106. Chocolate incident, very worried: shih tzu, biting, clean, poop - Dogs
  107. another food: shepherd, clean, vet, training - Dogs
  108. Military Dog comes home with PTSD: puppy, ears, safe, keep - Dogs
  109. people shouldn't be dog owners.: husky, kennel, children, puppy - Dogs
  110. Itchy Skin from Grass Allergy: biting, vet, prescription, treatment - Dogs
  111. Very food recall: veterinary, breeder, skin, diarrhea - Dogs
  112. $500,000 Dog: breeding, cost, adoption, puppy - Dogs
  113. Puppy dies after being set on fire in Dallas neighborhood: chihuahua, rescue - Dogs
  114. Dog Shot in Dog Park: shepherd, aggressive, husky, training - Dogs
  115. Seven dogs dead after American Airlines flight: puppies, breeds, cats
  116. is it ok to give my 8 week puppy canned tuna?: vet, diet - Dogs
  117. Disgusted with Dog Expert: how much, training, rescues, kennel - Dogs
  118. Anti-marking enzyme products: clean, barking, skin, train - Dogs
  119. Does feed their dog California Natural grain-free food?: teeth, diet, chew - Dogs
  120. Upper respiratory infection not getting better?: vet, rescue, cough, adopted - Dogs
  121. Is it ok to get a puppy at 4 and 1/2 weeks?: how much, bite - Dogs
  122. Help I dunno if my dog is dying..: biting, clean, vet - Dogs
  123. She slipped her collar: shepherd, shih tzu, bulldog, shepherds - Dogs
  124. NJ dog trainer severely beats dog: shih tzu, bite, veterinary - Dogs
  125. Advice for nervous dog?: how much, lab, golden retriever, bite - Dogs
  126. petting on the head: how much, bulldog, boxer, bite - Dogs
  127. Making the right choice.: lab, shih tzu, miniature, schnauzer - Dogs
  128. Dog looked both ways before crossing the street.: rescued, best, walk - Dogs
  129. puppy ate tandoori chicken and now has diarrhea...: poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  130. ever have to surrender a dog?: border collie, lab, retriever - Dogs
  131. Safest/best way to move our Dog across the U.S: terriers, train - Dogs
  132. Online medications for dogs: how much, vet, prescription, cost
  133. I'm out of ideas: labrador, retriever, toy, training - Dogs
  134. Diamond Foods: Complaints? Your Thoughts: lab, chihuahuas, vet, natural - Dogs
  135. She's still licking after having anal glands expressed: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  136. Driving a dog: rescue, cross, best, collars - Dogs
  137. Sometimes you just need peace: chihuahuas, chew, cross, puppies - Dogs
  138. Golden retriever/black lab cross ???: shepherd, breeders, training, rescues - Dogs
  139. How would you feel about this?: shih tzu, toy, wound, rescue - Dogs
  140. Sick dog with infection/nasal congestion: vet, skin, surgery, drool - Dogs
  141. Worried: how much, vet, infection, symptoms - Dogs
  142. Last night my best friend almost died: vet, shaking, rescue - Dogs
  143. How does your dog cuddle?: cross, pups, shelters, ears - Dogs
  144. Why are people so lazy?: clean, poop, adopt, kids - Dogs
  145. very disturbed by dog owners: bite, barking, training, teeth - Dogs
  146. Television...: bones, noise, pups, keep - Dogs
  147. What is the fur on dogs legs that comes out in clumps?: spaniel, pomeranian
  148. Large dog Frontline for smaller dog?: clean, vet, rescue, fleas - Dogs
  149. Flea and Tick meds: allergy, vet, prescription, heartworms - Dogs
  150. Feeling so guilty...: skin, training, chew, kids - Dogs
  151. Do you sometimes wish...: breeder, skin, allergies, costs - Dogs
  152. Off to Best Friends in the morning!: skin, kennels, pup - Dogs
  153. How do they know I just shampooed the carpet?: clean, poop, diarrhea - Dogs
  154. Need on Pit Bull rescues: pitbull, vet, rescue, puppy - Dogs
  155. When it rains it POURS.....: lab, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  156. Rescue dog and heartworms: terrier, clean, vet, science - Dogs
  157. Bump on leg joint: vet, adopted, paws, cross - Dogs
  158. shoplifting dog: biscuits, kids, food, walk - Dogs
  159. Information,Advice on breeding: boxers, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  160. We need to give up our adopted resuced puppy.: terriers, golden retrievers, vet - Dogs
  161. Dog Hacking: vet, science, skin, diet - Dogs
  162. Food Serving Size?: husky, diet, maltese, best - Dogs
  163. Outlawing the sale of animals in pet stores: chihuahuas, clean, breeders - Dogs
  164. tips for preventing puppy from eating EVERYTHING outside?: bite, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  165. What makes your dog the happiest?: boxer, toy, home, safe - Dogs
  166. Won't adopt to with a dog over 20 lbs..: pitbulls, how much, lab - Dogs
  167. How should I have handled this situation?: breeding, training, neutered - Dogs
  168. Puppy missing one Testicle. Advice: poodle, vet, toy, breeders - Dogs
  169. Pupppy Pictures: vet, kids, puppies, best - Dogs
  170. sheba inu released into wild as shelter said it was a coyote!: border collie, bulldog - Dogs
  171. Getting rid of pee smell: clean, cleaning, outside, cats - Dogs
  172. Treating a rash: allergic, bites, vet, allergies - Dogs
  173. Dog Licking the Sofa: clean, cleaning, rescue, paws - Dogs
  174. Friends 'docile' dog bit hand....lots of blood: chihuahua, bite, clean - Dogs
  175. Buying a house for your dog: allergy, bite, barking, cost - Dogs
  176. Does your dog love or hate the Vet's office????: poop, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  177. What to stuff in a Kong for a young puppy?: allergic, bite - Dogs
  178. Help Identify Mix Puppy: lab, boxer, terrier, best - Dogs
  179. know of a GRAIN-FREE dog food with primary ingredient of LAMB?: clean, poop - Dogs
  180. He is our baby!: pups, ears, keep, year - Dogs
  181. Johnny Walker's Story: vet, surgery, adopted, children - Dogs
  182. PetSmart grooming: shih tzu, yorkie, clean, vet - Dogs
  183. Our baby is coming home on Thursday!: lab, clean, poop - Dogs
  184. Death of a dog in MD: store, Washington, Maryland, sick - Dogs
  185. Dogs and Neighbors: biting, barking, aggressive, train
  186. Flood Water Mosquitoes: bite, vet, aggressive, heartworms - Dogs
  187. What food do you share with your dog?: best, ears, eating - Dogs
  188. Doberman with re-occuring diarrhea.: boxer, poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  189. of the Wildlife We See: poodle, wound, walk, keep - Dogs
  190. Leash for 2 dogs: labs, black, training, westie
  191. A little scared: allergic, bite, vet, maltese - Dogs
  192. My dog Storm is having knee surgery Aug 13: lab, vet, black - Dogs
  193. PC needs your vote!: rescue, puppy, best, collars - Dogs
  194. Interesting article about a NYC animal hospital: veterinary, treatment, children - Dogs
  195. Puppy learning how to roll over - Dogs
  196. News Video, Daring Dachshund becomes world's first scuba diving K-9.: breathing - Dogs
  197. PlaqClnz: teeth, work - Dogs
  198. Excessive Whining: chew, puppy, sleep - Dogs
  199. read.. - Dogs
  200. Flea Control...Dogs & Cats: effects, ears, dental, year