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  10. 2,000 years of GRACE will be over in the blink of an eye.....: Torah, crucifixion - Christianity
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  19. are my beliefs as a member of the shiloh truelight church: churches, pray - Christianity
  20. Why do people pseudo date?: God, Christian, religion, Article - Christianity
  21. Jesus' physical resurrection is a legend that grew over time: Gospels, testimony - Christianity
  22. AIDS was prophesied on 1979-10-19: prophecy, Christians, disease, world - Christianity
  23. You Shall be holy, for I am holy: Gospel, abominations, Bible - Christianity
  24. When A Twice Married Widow Dies: Jesus, Matthew, God, heaven - Christianity
  25. Great move-Brooklyn diocese publishing pedophile priest names on web: hell, punishment, church - Christianity
  26. The first Thanksgiving was a harvest celebration held by the pilgrims: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  27. The spirit of Ama explains John 1:1: Deuteronomy, believe, exodus, scriptures - Christianity
  28. Who became the disciple of Jesus: John the Baptist or John, the brother of James?: Gospel, Messiah - Christianity
  29. Millenials fueling increase in Catholic vocations: churches, beliefs, priest, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  30. Heart Warming Story of Compassion: sunday, fundamentalist, Zen, people - Christianity
  31. Merry Christmas for everyone: salvation, God, mercy, holidays - Christianity
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  33. The Litany of the Saints---For All Saints Day: believe, pray, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  41. Do you believe Christmas would have made it into the bible, if the bible was still being written up to 300-400AD?: celibacy, Gospel - Christianity
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  43. Rain falls on the followers of Jesus only: Creator, God, Christians - Christianity
  44. Shall We Continue In sin, That Grace May Abound?: crucified, God, perfect - Christianity
  45. There is no God if there is no suffering: Solomon, Jesus, Kingdom - Christianity
  46. Many verses saying the same thing differently ?: punishment, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  47. ABC News about TX church massacre : shooter was an atheist who hated religious people.: godless, Antichrist - Christianity
  48. Stone box, millions of bones, NOT found at the Hill Cumorah: Mormon, church - Christianity
  49. Chicago priest, under investigation, for improper relationship, commits suicide: moral, Article, America - Christianity
  50. Walking in the garden: Jehovah, sinned, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  51. Did Christianity (esp Catholicism) support slave ownership?: church, believe, scriptures
  52. Texas' Baptist Church Massacre: prayers, faith, Christian, Lord - Christianity
  53. Once saved always saved?: Torah, women, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  54. Workers of the flesh will be excluded from the Kingdom of God: hell, punishment - Christianity
  55. Two swords are enough: Gospel, sinners, disciple, Jesus - Christianity
  56. Did Jesus go down to Hell?: Jehovah, women, Messiah, preach - Christianity
  57. Who really wrote the gospel we call John’s?: crucifixion, Gospels, testimony - Christianity
  58. The Unrighteous Shall Not Inherit the Kingdom of God: Jehovah, punishment, believe - Christianity
  59. Conflicted: Life...death...God...Satan...Heaven...Hell..: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, testimony - Christianity
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  61. How is God Glorified according to Jesus?: lordship, Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
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  63. Pope side-steps an infallible teaching.: Jehovah, hell, testimony - Christianity
  64. Mammon or God: Kingdom, spiritual, bless, heaven - Christianity
  65. Did Paul and Jesus agree on teachings?: crucified, purification, Gospels - Christianity
  66. This I have been told...: Gospel, hell, scriptures, prayers - Christianity
  67. Christianity is growing in China.: Gospel, Lutheran, Buddhism, presbyterian
  68. How to reconcile two verses?: Gospel, Jehovah, hell, church - Christianity
  69. Generations: Torah, tradition, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  70. What if Jesus was a prophet?: doctrine, Messiah, Deuteronomy, preaching - Christianity
  71. The historicity of the New Testament.: myth, church, belief, scripture - Christianity
  72. Christianity is a mass of confusion: paradise, Jehovah, Mormons, punishment
  73. Poverty makes me a sinner.: Gospel, hell, church, belief - Christianity
  74. Homless man dies from freezing to death: paradise, believe, praying - Christianity
  75. What are the Nephilim: Torah, women, Revelation, scripture - Christianity
  76. Literal interpretation of speech and behavior: believe, mystic, Bible, atheists - Christianity
  77. Journey: Kingdom, grace, experience, God - Christianity
  78. Oh No, Not The Moon: Micah, Leviticus, woman, Revelation - Christianity
  79. The term Christian isn't in the four Gospels......: Epistles, hell, women - Christianity
  80. Faith and deeds: Gospel, believe, Jesus, salvation - Christianity
  81. Prōtotokos and Archē: Two Greek Words Erroneously used to Argue that the Pre-incarnate Word had a beginning.: Micah, Jehovah - Christianity
  82. Will Satan be saved?: paradise, Eden, purification, hell - Christianity
  83. Does this bother other Christians?: doctrine, church, preacher, beliefs - Christianity
  84. Catholics believe Pope Francis to be the False Prophet: hell, woman, church - Christianity
  85. Were both Matthew and Mark wrong Jesus?: scrutiny, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  86. Were the 12 really sent out to the whole world?: Gospels, testimony, women - Christianity
  87. Bible reveals the Tribulation could start mid-march 2018 !!!: coffin, hell, myths - Christianity
  88. Could God Have Helped The Eagles Win The Super Bowl For HIS Glory?: believe, praying - Christianity
  89. Son has God-resistant soul-part: woman, church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  90. Matthew 6:33: Jehovah, dogma, scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  91. Is this ... The REAL Truth About Religion (Christianity) And Its Origins?: crucified, hell
  92. What's the difference between different Lutherans?: doctrine, women, churches, believe - Christianity
  93. John 6:35: believe, scriptures, Jesus, verse - Christianity
  94. Christ is the Word of God: Gospel, Jehovah, Holy Spirit, mystic - Christianity
  95. Google denies knowledge of christ: doctrine, beliefs, prayer, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  96. When have you turned water into wine? (Promise of Jesus): crucifixion, Gospel - Christianity
  97. The doommongers are at it again!!!: dinosaur, believe, mystic, Bible - Christianity
  98. No non-Catholics in heaven said the Pope!: church, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  99. Heartsong?: incarnation, hell, doctrine, recall - Christianity
  100. The Fundamentalist “original autograph” ploy.: crucified, Gospel, Messiah, scriptures - Christianity
  101. NO excuse not to know GOD: believe, scripture, mystic, creation - Christianity
  102. DAN 7 and the Mark of the beast: Torah, women, church - Christianity
  103. What is the purpose of the law?: Tanakh, Revelation, sin - Christianity
  104. When Jesus appeared to Abraham: woman, Holy Spirit, Israel, verse - Christianity
  105. Religious prohibition against drinking wine: tradition, Mormons, myths, doctrine - Christianity
  106. To true Christians...: Gospel, beliefs, Kingdom, moral - Christianity
  107. Jesus quoting Scripture: woman, Deuteronomy, believe, Bible - Christianity
  108. Redemption for who?: Gospel, preach, believe, sin - Christianity
  109. Houston Texas Introduces The Two Withnesses Of Revelation: Messiah, believe, sin - Christianity
  110. much you/ how much Jesus?: Holy Spirit, faith, spiritual - Christianity
  111. Lost tribes of Israel Christmas: Gospel, Book of Mormon, testimony, women - Christianity
  112. Eve and the talking devil- is the story true?: Revelation, believe, Bible - Christianity
  113. Mortify the deeds of the Body to enter God's Kingdom: punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  114. Jesus and the money changers: Micah, Leviticus, hell, woman - Christianity
  115. Christen against Christens: punishment, women, church, preaching - Christianity
  116. What is your belief in God stopping you from doing?: reincarnate, church - Christianity
  117. Papal inerrancy: doctrine, church, believe, dogma - Christianity
  118. The Wolf and the dogs: church, Revelation, beliefs, pray - Christianity
  119. Is God really humane, rational, and merciful?: crucifixion, evolve, sin - Christianity
  120. Why can't we see God?: incarnation, woman, church, Revelation - Christianity
  121. Born again? - Do you celebrate that birthday every year?: Jesus Christ, Christians - Christianity
  122. How old was Adam when he sinned?: crucifixion, messages, believe - Christianity
  123. Has the church left Christ behind?: women, churches, preaching, suicide - Christianity
  124. Thanksgiving is a sin: Gospel, Jesus, Bible, Kingdom - Christianity
  125. help me pray for my unsaved loved ones.: Gospel, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  126. I am crucified every day, I carry my cross what do you do?: Gospel, believe - Christianity
  127. We are now in Christmas Season, so is a nice Christmas Carol and a nice video.: Mormon, women - Christianity
  128. God is holy: believe, scriptures, praying, sinners - Christianity
  129. We must have the holy spirit to be savedu: messages, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  130. Can Christian Fundamentalism be credibly defended?: Eden, crucified, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  131. How do you bring God into the little moments of your day?: believe, pray - Christianity
  132. Was the Bible created by God or men?: tradition, Gospels, doctrine - Christianity
  133. If endless punishment were true & victims of infanticide all go to heaven...: Jehovah, zacharias - Christianity
  134. If Sin Upsets God: hell, testimony, agnostic, believe - Christianity
  135. I'm celebrating !: woman, sinners, Jesus, Kingdom - Christianity
  136. Christmas is a sin: incarnation, preaching, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  137. Catholicism - Jesus the baby and Jesus on the Cross: crucifixion, churches - Christianity
  138. When was Christianity created?: Torah, crucified, Gospels, women
  139. Russian propaganda against West, or just the truth?: hell, women, churches - Christianity
  140. I believe Jesus was and is a LIBERAL: hell, preacher, scripture - Christianity
  141. Christian girls who barely escaped ISIS credit Mary for their safety: hell, testimony - Christianity
  142. What pleases God: doctrine, believe, Christ, worship - Christianity
  143. Christianity would gain more adherents if we realized that the Bible is mostly allegorical, still valid!: Gospels, Epistles
  144. 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Oct 31st, 2017: Lutherans, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  145. A message about Prosperity (spiritual) from a new church: Gospel, messages - Christianity
  146. God blesses you to be a blessing to me: believer, pray, worship - Christianity
  147. The Heavenly State - Will There Old and Young?: crucified, scripture, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  149. This world is not our home: believers, scripture, eternity, spiritual - Christianity
  150. Was Jesus crucified, at or after, the Passover Festival?: Torah, Tanakh, crucifixion - Christianity
  151. Sigh, should Pastors carry a pistol and make that known?: paradise, church - Christianity
  152. Prayers for grieving in Sutherland Springs: sin, Jesus Christ, worship - Christianity
  153. I have never been punished by God, you?: punishment, beliefs, faith - Christianity
  154. The only true God is omniscient: traditions, hell, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  155. How Can Mormons Be Masons?: Pentateuch, tradition, LDS, doctrine - Christianity
  156. Jesus was born in 14 AD and crucified in 31 AD: crucifixion, Gospel, zacharias - Christianity
  157. Most progressive denomination: church, believe, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  158. PCUSA is dying: Gospel, Jehovah, hell, presbyterian - Christianity
  159. Jen Hatmaker--Evangelical HEROINE!: church, Jesus, atheists, Baptist - Christianity
  160. Was Jesus a progressive liberal?: preach, scripture, Kingdom, Mary - Christianity
  161. I think Christians owe unbelievers a huge apology: Gospel, Deuteronomy, believe - Christianity
  162. Is judgment the same for believers and unbelievers?: hell, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  163. Let Not Sin Therefor Reign In Your Mortal Body: doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  164. Can UNBELIEVERS understand the Bible?: tradition, Gospel, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  165. Matthew changes prophecies: Micah, HaShem, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  166. Jesus is Eternal: crucified, woman, church, believe - Christianity
  167. Megachurch swindles elderly woman in Ohio, lawsuit claims: Gospel, Isaiah, faith - Christianity
  168. Is the virgin birth optional?: Torah, doctrine, women, Messiah - Christianity
  169. In religion the majority is always WRONG.....: churches, Antichrist, beliefs - Christianity
  170. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: churches, Antichrist, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  171. Is Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking accepted by Christians?: crucify, Gospel - Christianity
  172. The New Jerusalem: woman, Revelation, scripture, priests - Christianity
  173. The number of Jesus: Revelation, heaven, Islam, Hebrew - Christianity
  174. Are we ashamed of our lord, if we were threatened with death?: doctrine, women - Christianity
  175. Seeing and being beauty and love: Holy Spirit, Christ, prophecy, faith - Christianity
  176. Jerusalem: beliefs, pray, Jesus, verse - Christianity
  177. All the same: hell, church, believers, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  178. If You Believe In Heaven: Gospel, hell, punishment, Revelation - Christianity
  179. Extreme liberal Christian singers,: churches, scriptures, Jesus, worship - Christianity
  180. How do I tell my priest that I no longer want to altar serve?: church, preaching - Christianity
  181. Where is the Ark of the covenant?: woman, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  182. My Sister Ignores Us: hell, woman, believe, evolve - Christianity
  183. Will who have heard the gospel be saved in the Tribulation?: traditions, doctrine - Christianity
  184. Is God the cause of sickness, murder, and war today?: believe, sin - Christianity
  185. The bread of life.: Leviticus, hell, testimony, believe - Christianity
  186. Why was Jesus born by a virgin?: doctrine, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  187. Lightening creates C14: believe, priests, Bible, Kingdom - Christianity
  188. Jerusalem - the world's spiritual capital: abomination, Antichrist, scriptures, pray - Christianity
  189. Birth of Jesus was in march-april 13 AD: crucifixion, traditions, Gospel - Christianity
  190. Conservative Christianity vs. Jesus: tradition, belief, sin, Kingdom
  191. While I am still alive, ask about the spirit of Ama: hell, doctrine - Christianity
  192. People claiming to have seen Christ: doctrine, church, Messiah, beliefs - Christianity
  193. signing statements of faith is it biblical?: Gospel, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  194. Christians are not spiritually conscious enough: church, Revelation, Moses, sin - Christianity
  195. God's Frustration With Man's Inhumanity To Man: woman, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  196. Two Witnesses ~ I AM One Of The Two Witnesses~ uestions?: Revelation, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  197. Ezekiel 4:9 bread: Kingdom, Israel, prophecy, God - Christianity
  198. Two Movies about St. Pope John Paul ll Tonight--: Gospel, Catholic, world - Christianity
  199. THE FOOL OF QUALITY – Henry Brooke: churches, belief, Jesus - Christianity
  200. Do we really want to believe only in “that old-time religion”?: presbyterian, church - Christianity