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  100. Evangelical Christianity destroyed its own brand — here’s why they are now widely despised: women, churches
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  130. Accept Jesus As Your Lord & Savior Just Updated Version of Accept Krishna .: crucified, Gospels - Christianity
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  160. CRISIS IN CHRISTIANITY---Pastors: From Men of Fath to Faithless Men: hell, church
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  166. Without LABLES, we build community: tradition, women, believe, scripture - Christianity
  167. for Christians that believe that Trump is on God's side: woman, abortion - Christianity
  168. favorite phrase quote from bible: women, Revelation, scripture, pray - Christianity
  169. If this doesn't put the FEAR of god into everyone...: hell, abomination - Christianity
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  172. Our souls destiny our first concern?: Gospel, hell, church, believe - Christianity
  173. Yeshua is the way, truth, and life.: crucifixion, abomination, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  174. Christmas Menorah in exchange to Hanukkah Tree: Revelation, believe, exodus - Christianity
  175. This is directed to former believers: Gospel, Mormon, hell, women - Christianity
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  196. God, God's Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit: church, believe - Christianity
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