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  1. Veterinarian Recommendations?: Madison, Clinton, Old Saybrook: live in, price, furniture - Connecticut (CT)
  2. How safe is Hamden, CT?: New Haven, North Haven: house, university, to live - Connecticut
  3. descrimination or landlord-tenant lawyer?: Hartford: lease, credit, house - Connecticut (CT)
  4. Romantic Getaways in CT?: New Haven, Stamford: hotels, house, luxury - Connecticut
  5. Renting an apartment with a dog: New Haven, Hartford: real estate, apartment complexes, renters - Connecticut (CT)
  6. Need information about the Montville, Colchester or Waterford areas: Torrington: for sale, 2013 - Connecticut (CT)
  7. Harwinton: Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury: to rent, house, purchase - Connecticut (CT)
  8. glastonbury schools? are they all blue ribbon?: middle school, closing - Connecticut (CT)
  9. Living in NYC. Working in CT. Eventually moving to CT. Commute. Taxes.: Stamford: 2013 - Connecticut
  10. West Hartford School: Orange: how much, homes, school district - Connecticut (CT)
  11. live in Wethersfield?: Norwalk, Middletown: house, law, move - Connecticut (CT)
  12. Avalon Danbury: apartment, rentals, condo - Connecticut (CT)
  13. of you with long commutes....: Hartford, Fairfield: 2013, school, live - Connecticut (CT)
  14. central air vs ductless: Milford, Ridgefield: house, buy, contractors - Connecticut (CT)
  15. Commute from Fort Lee, NJ to Greenwich, CT: Stamford: school, live in - Connecticut
  16. Blue Claw in Greenwich: Westport: eat, park, water - Connecticut (CT)
  17. Hartford safety is only a 6 out of 100? WHAT??: Bridgeport, West Hartford: crime rate, neighborhoods - Connecticut (CT)
  18. Buying land in Greenwich. How much can I build?: real estate, big house - Connecticut (CT)
  19. Searching for a Central/Eastern CT location: Hartford, Manchester: best towns, affordable houses - Connecticut
  20. How to go about apartment hunting in Farmington: Hartford, West Hartford: apartment complex, lease - Connecticut (CT)
  21. West Farms Mall -- how far from highway exit?: Danbury: yard, friend - Connecticut (CT)
  22. Strange lights above Middletown, CT last night (Aug 19th) 11pm: Hartford: activity, car - Connecticut
  23. RT 4 New York state line to Farmington CT: Milford, Middletown: restaurants, stores - Connecticut
  24. Commute driving Chelsea, Manhattan to Old Greenwich?: Stratford, Westport: insurance, to buy - Connecticut (CT)
  25. CT job situation for journalists: Bristol: live in, companies, market - Connecticut
  26. Pediatrician Recommendations - Norwalk / Darien: Stamford, Fairfield: offices, health, parking - Connecticut (CT)
  27. Daycares in Middletown/Cromwell area?: New Haven, Hartford: commute to, work, nanny - Connecticut (CT)
  28. Verizon vs AT&T for iPad service in Fairfield: month-to-month, moving - Connecticut (CT)
  29. Young family looking to move to FairField: Stamford, Southington: houses, transfer - Connecticut (CT)
  30. Eligible for Unemployment after Temp job?: unemployment benefits, college, taxes - Connecticut (CT)
  31. Norwalk Cranbury Elementary Lockdown: construction, elementary school, suburbs - Connecticut (CT)
  32. looking for a cheap motel or hotel near Trumbull or Danbury: Bridgeport: hotels, house - Connecticut (CT)
  33. Websites for off campus apartments: New Haven: rentals, moving to, place - Connecticut (CT)
  34. If North Korea Dropped A Bomb In The U.S..........: Hartford: 2013, college - Connecticut (CT)
  35. Will Peter Schiff run again?: Westport: go bankrupt, housing market, education - Connecticut (CT)
  36. New Roof Permit in Danbury - Who pulls it?: home, contractor - Connecticut (CT)
  37. Hamden Stop and Shop to close for good in October...: New Haven: appointed, closing - Connecticut (CT)
  38. Lived in Ct for 20 years, but that doesn't mean I've experienced it...: New Haven: house - Connecticut (CT)
  39. Commute time from Sweetheart Mtn / Collinsville to Southington: relocating to, working - Connecticut (CT)
  40. UConn Masters of Accounting: Stamford, Fairfield: credit, unemployed, school - Connecticut (CT)
  41. Pet Friendly Townhouse/condo complex near Vernon, CT: Hamden, Manchester: real estate, apartments - Connecticut
  42. Parking for Bridgeport Ferry?: costs, garages, cars - Connecticut (CT)
  43. Major explosion in Stamford: crime, house, live - Connecticut (CT)
  44. Pet Sitter in North Branford??: Guilford: daycare, house, live in - Connecticut (CT)
  45. Southington Apartments: real estate, apartment complexes, rentals - Connecticut (CT)
  46. Traveling From Southbury to Goldens Bridge: Danbury, Newtown: home, live in, commuter - Connecticut (CT)
  47. Help with 1BR near Trumbull: Bridgeport, Stamford: apartments, rentals, condo - Connecticut (CT)
  48. my front license plate: college, inspection, live - Connecticut (CT)
  49. Best Place to Buy Firewood in Stamford?: for sale, live - Connecticut (CT)
  50. Metro North Parking in Darien/Noroton: vouchers, live, shop - Connecticut (CT)
  51. New Haven Magnet School - Suburban questions: Milford, Guilford: day care, house - Connecticut (CT)
  52. Looking into moving to Madison: Guilford, Seymour: private schools, allergies, club - Connecticut (CT)
  53. How to get an id when I don't have all the documents?: school - Connecticut (CT)
  54. Better mobile company around New Britain: buy, move to, best deal - Connecticut (CT)
  55. Putnam Bridge (Rt. 3) to close 9/27-30: Hartford, East Hartford: ferry, town, traffic - Connecticut (CT)
  56. Traveling from Newtown (Exit 11) to Somers (Exit 8 on I-684) on Monday-Friday: Danbury: home, transfer to - Connecticut (CT)
  57. Transitway Woes in Honululu: Hartford, Waterbury: real estate, 2013, how much - Connecticut (CT)
  58. about Mill Hill area of Bridgeport: Stratford: safe area, safe - Connecticut (CT)
  59. Does know if Thai Berry in Monroe has closed?: New Haven: buying, restaurant - Connecticut (CT)
  60. Fairfield Two's Programs: new home, purchasing, YMCA - Connecticut (CT)
  61. morning & evening peak hour traffic tarrytown to stamford: Wilton: live, office - Connecticut (CT)
  62. Flooring: wood floors, houses, tile - Connecticut (CT)
  63. Just graduated, new job in Rocky Hill, looking for 1br apartment anywhere!: New Haven: apartments - Connecticut (CT)
  64. East VS. West of the CT river?: Hartford, Manchester: to buy, high school - Connecticut
  65. Looking To Rent (Ellington / Vernon / Tolland area): apartments, condo - Connecticut (CT)
  66. Cool new Ct. magazine: landscape, community, state - Connecticut (CT)
  67. Bakery outlets in the Hartford area?: Cromwell, Franklin: places, sold, bakeries - Connecticut (CT)
  68. Relocating from NYC: Hartford, Stamford, West Hartford: home, public schools, move to - Connecticut (CT)
  69. Perjury by landlord and his lawyer? actions to take?: law, association - Connecticut (CT)
  70. bus to train station?: Norwalk, Fairfield: university, mall, buses - Connecticut (CT)
  71. Best places in Connecticut to metal detect?: homes, buy (CT)
  72. Stump grinding in Fairfield County: Newtown: rent, tree, company - Connecticut (CT)
  73. Small Troubled Bridgeport Bank(s) Shut Down By FDIC: school, safe - Connecticut (CT)
  74. Not as bad as Detroit, but not good: Bridgeport, New Haven: transplants, 2013 - Connecticut (CT)
  75. New Haven Named One of the Top 10 Unfriendliest City: Danbury: neighborhood, colleges - Connecticut (CT)
  76. I am Connecticut: New Haven, Hartford: to rent, neighborhoods, places to live (CT)
  77. Estimated Nursing Salary: New Haven, Hartford, Danbury: place to live, prices, moving to - Connecticut (CT)
  78. Student moving to Bridgeport area: Fairfield, Milford: apartment complexes, rental, condos - Connecticut (CT)
  79. Lawn Care Recommendations in S. CT: Milford, Wethersfield: to rent, Home Depot, landscaping - Connecticut
  80. FFC is worse than the Hartford area for gay life: New Haven: house, unemployment - Connecticut (CT)
  81. New to CT - Westport -> exit 9 Stamford Commute: Norwalk: house, bus - Connecticut
  82. Help! Overwhelmed...Milford, Trumbull, Woodbridge?: New Haven, Fairfield: real estate, house, neighborhoods - Connecticut (CT)
  83. Another shooting at Rocks in Hartford: West Hartford: attorney, closing, law - Connecticut (CT)
  84. Used Paperback Book Stores in CT: Bridgeport, New Haven: credit, home, storage - Connecticut
  85. Looking for a place to live in the future: Bridgeport: home, living - Connecticut (CT)
  86. Greenwich Bank Robber Still Not Caught!: New Haven, Fairfield: movies, train station, getaway - Connecticut (CT)
  87. Have I Missed the Oyster Fests: Norwalk, Milford: 2013, live, costs - Connecticut (CT)
  88. Greenwich Suicide Due to Bullying?: fit in, school districts, tax - Connecticut (CT)
  89. Doctor for Sciatica pain: Hartford, Hamden: mattress, floor, moving - Connecticut (CT)
  90. Drug use in suburbia: New Haven, Hartford: public school, colleges, gated - Connecticut (CT)
  91. What town is the most quintessentially Connecticut to you?: New Haven: how much, houses (CT)
  92. Electric Cars and Supporting Clean Energy in CT: Milford, Darien: 2013, loan - Connecticut
  93. Gouveia Vineyards / Wallingford: Fairfield, Milford, Branford: to buy, live in, zoning - Connecticut (CT)
  94. Relolcating to CT: Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford: for rent, look a job, safe area - Connecticut
  95. Typical Closing Costs for FHA in CT?: sale, real estate - Connecticut
  96. Work Relocation to Stamford from London - HELP!: Greenwich, Fairfield: apartment complexes, rentals - Connecticut (CT)
  97. Canton, Avon, compared to Glastonbury: Hartford, West Hartford: apartments, house, employment - Connecticut (CT)
  98. Buying in New Haven: Hartford, West Hartford: 2013, rent, high crime - Connecticut (CT)
  99. Relocating to Danbury: Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford: house, to buy, construction - Connecticut (CT)
  100. 1/2 Cord Firewood in Wallingford?: Milford: home, buy, live - Connecticut (CT)
  101. Non-Stop Flights from Hartford to Vegas: Manchester: transfer, live, prices - Connecticut (CT)
  102. Wood stove retailers in Fairfield county: Stamford, Milford: insurance, home, prices - Connecticut (CT)
  103. Armed guards in CT schools: sales, crime, to buy - Connecticut
  104. Quick Metro-North: New Haven, West Haven, Milford: apartments, home, gated - Connecticut (CT)
  105. I-84 Closing: Hartford, Waterbury, Norwalk: 2013, live in, commute - Connecticut (CT)
  106. identify this place?: Stratford, Middletown: house, restaurant, assess - Connecticut (CT)
  107. Renovation in front of Trader Joe's on Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield: Westport: pool, office - Connecticut (CT)
  108. Custom Birthday cakes in Fairfield County: Bridgeport, Stamford: price, Whole Foods, cheapest - Connecticut (CT)
  109. CT Cheaters: Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury: broker, big house, live - Connecticut
  110. Route 6.. another example of our pathetic infrastructure: Bridgeport, New Haven: new home, purchase - Connecticut (CT)
  111. Another Fast-Food Chain Eyes The CT Market: Wallingford, Brookfield: stores, electricity - Connecticut
  112. Nice Apartments in Fairfield...: Darien, New Canaan: for sale, apartment complexes, rentals - Connecticut (CT)
  113. Highland Ridge Apartments Waterbury: Middlebury: leasing, condos, neighborhoods - Connecticut (CT)
  114. Good places to go furniture shopping in eastern CT? (need everything - kitchen, bedroom, living room): New Haven: hardwood floor, apartment - Connecticut
  115. New Canaan Residents Not Happy with non-residents at Waveny Pool: Bridgeport: purchase, school - Connecticut (CT)
  116. Chris Murphy Spurns POTUS: phone, party, desirable - Connecticut (CT)
  117. 13 children hurt on Norwalk Oyster Fest ride: Milford: 2013, inspections - Connecticut (CT)
  118. Public Schools Charging Extra!: 2013, home, to buy - Connecticut (CT)
  119. Deer Herd Declining in Fairfield County: Greenwich, New Fairfield: garden, trees, location - Connecticut (CT)
  120. a job in Wallingford...were to live: Meriden, Southington: house prices, neighborhoods - Connecticut (CT)
  121. Commute is Killing Us - Move to Stamford?: Norwalk: home, to buy - Connecticut (CT)
  122. Possibly relocating to CT (Fairfield): New Haven, Hartford: apartment, to rent, buying a house - Connecticut
  123. Was looking for nice New England country towns. Not interested in working in New York City.: New Haven: 2015, house - Connecticut (CT)
  124. CT vs. San Diego: to rent, condo, hotels - Connecticut
  125. Best bang for buck?: Danbury, Fairfield: real estate, condo, big house - Connecticut (CT)
  126. Cicadas in CT: Not that Bad?: Wilton: locations, windows, noise - Connecticut
  127. Vinyl siding recommendation -Fairfield County?: Shelton, Wilton: house, construction, contractors - Connecticut (CT)
  128. New Haven Plane Crash: East Haven: houses, neighborhoods, rooftop - Connecticut (CT)
  129. Finding our spot in CT: New Haven, Hartford: for sale, real estate, how much - Connecticut
  130. Camera Store in FFC: Stamford, Fairfield: rentals, live in, costs - Connecticut (CT)
  131. Closest place to Trumbull to get a 'real' hot pastrami on rye: New Haven: live, prices - Connecticut (CT)
  132. Town Suggestions:: Bridgeport, Hartford, West Hartford: safe area, good schools, live in - Connecticut (CT)
  133. Most affluent CT towns by county?: New Haven, Hartford: apartments, rentals, condos - Connecticut
  134. More people leaving the state: New Haven, Hartford: 2013, mover, homes - Connecticut (CT)
  135. West Haven Metro North station debuts this Sunday: New Haven, Stamford: apartment complexes, crime - Connecticut (CT)
  136. Economic Climate in CT: Stratford, Windsor: 2013, attorneys, layoffs - Connecticut
  137. What wrong with Bridgeport schools: Stamford, Norwalk: 2013, renting, homes - Connecticut (CT)
  138. Trying to pick a town...: New Haven, Danbury: rentals, condos, houses - Connecticut (CT)
  139. Devon / Walnut Beach area in Milford: Trumbull, Naugatuck: apartment, houses, neighborhoods - Connecticut (CT)
  140. Chasing unicorns: Danbury, Hamden, Milford: for sale, real estate market, condos - Connecticut (CT)
  141. CNN Money Best Places to Live 2013: Danbury, Fairfield: living, statistics, train - Connecticut (CT)
  142. Thoughts on Naugatuck: Stamford, Waterbury, Danbury: section 8, real estate, apartment complexes - Connecticut (CT)
  143. Huge improvements in CT infrastructure lately?: Bridgeport, New Haven: real estate, 2013, Home Depot - Connecticut
  144. Hamden- is it worth the commute?: Bridgeport, New Haven: how much, home, neighborhood - Connecticut (CT)
  145. Agricultural Fair Season is Coming!: Westport, Guilford: appointed, home, shops - Connecticut (CT)
  146. Are the old Metro North trains ever on time?: Bridgeport: home, closing - Connecticut (CT)
  147. Describe Connecticut Woman: Bridgeport: county, rules, bridge (CT)
  148. Wegmans....will CT ever get one?: Hartford, Fairfield: sales, neighborhood, organic - Connecticut
  149. Are Threads Being Innapropriately Steered Toward Milford?: Bridgeport, New Haven: rental, condo - Connecticut (CT)
  150. Forbes Article: Bridgeport, Stamford, Waterbury: 2013, low crime, calculated - Connecticut (CT)
  151. What is becoming of Hartford?: New Haven: safe area, theater, dangerous - Connecticut (CT)
  152. Moving to Stamford - what areas should we look at?: Greenwich: best towns, apartments - Connecticut (CT)
  153. Bethel School System?: house, neighborhoods, top school - Connecticut (CT)
  154. Best Commute into Hartford ?: Danbury, West Hartford: homes, living in, to move - Connecticut (CT)
  155. Bulk Roma tomatoes for canning: New Haven, Hartford: to buy, shop, gardens - Connecticut (CT)
  156. Pros and Cons of Connecticut: Bridgeport, New Haven: real estate, high crime, find a job (CT)
  157. Looking into moving to Redding :): Bridgeport, Hartford: appointed, house, school districts - Connecticut (CT)
  158. UConn Hartford: Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford: 2013, tenants, taxes - Connecticut (CT)
  159. What do I need to do with my old Connecticut license plates?: Bridgeport: assessor, DMV (CT)
  160. Are Art Teachers in Demand?: New Haven: job market, transfer, catholic schools - Connecticut (CT)
  161. CT Natives Post: New Haven, Hartford: apartment, condos, to buy - Connecticut
  162. in Hartford and want to go to the beach?: Vernon: rental car, rental - Connecticut (CT)
  163. Planning another visit to CT: Hartford, West Hartford: 2014, stats, move to - Connecticut
  164. advice fighting a speeding ticket: insurance, lawyers, house - Connecticut (CT)
  165. Nice article about Danbury Fair Mall: Meriden, Milford: buying, school, live in - Connecticut (CT)
  166. Going to See Mumford & Sons in Queens: New Haven, Hartford: transfer to, neighborhood - Connecticut (CT)
  167. Moving to East Windsor...Good/Bad Towns: Manchester, Enfield: apartments, rentals - Connecticut (CT)
  168. University of New Haven Grad Campus in Orange: Fairfield, West Haven: 2014, how much - Connecticut (CT)
  169. What your option on CT counties: New Haven, Hartford: best town, home - Connecticut
  170. News Media in CT: New Haven, Hartford: sales, low crime, high school - Connecticut
  171. Bristol, CT and surrounding areas: New Haven, Hartford: apartment complexes, rentals, houses - Connecticut
  172. Best Lobster Roll in Connecticut: Bridgeport, Fairfield: 2013, home, live (CT)
  173. Traveling on I-84 through Danbury, CT: Bethel: camper, transportation, office - Connecticut
  174. Keno in CT: Bridgeport, Stratford: sales, violent crime, how much - Connecticut
  175. Curious About A Commute From CT Border Town To Providence: New Haven: hotel, houses - Connecticut
  176. Darien, but unsure if I'm stereotyping the whole town based on: Hartford: fit in, houses - Connecticut (CT)
  177. Bridgeport, New Haven Least Safe Driving Cities, Report Says: Hartford: 2013, insurance - Connecticut (CT)
  178. Your opinion of the 20 cities within CT: Bridgeport, New Haven: buying, income - Connecticut
  179. Mold in prospective house, advice?: Norwalk, Fairfield: rental, houses, tenant - Connecticut (CT)
  180. a place in Fairfield County: Stamford, Norwalk: real estate, to rent, how much - Connecticut (CT)
  181. Ridgefield vs Fairfield: Danbury, Milford, Trumbull: apartments, condos, houses - Connecticut (CT)
  182. Single mother with 3 children in Norwalk, what can I expect.: Danbury: lease, house - Connecticut (CT)
  183. Nanny in the Greenwich Area: Stamford: employment, neighborhood, high school - Connecticut (CT)
  184. Best train station to get a permit near Norwalk...: Stamford: neighborhoods, authority - Connecticut (CT)
  185. From Beacon Falls to Cape Cod, would 84 or 95 be the easier trip: New Haven: casinos, live - Connecticut (CT)
  186. Where have the squirrels gone??: house, neighborhood, yard - Connecticut (CT)
  187. Most convenient CT towns?: New Haven, Hartford: 2013, schools, university - Connecticut
  188. Will You Use Route 11 When it's Finished?: New Haven, Hartford: construction, taxes - Connecticut (CT)
  189. Oil Boiler installation: Stamford, Fairfield, Milford: credit card, house, price - Connecticut (CT)
  190. Moving from AZ to CT: Stamford, Norwalk: best city, rentals, home - Connecticut
  191. How to drive in CT: home, buses, cars - Connecticut
  192. Dock and dine restaurants/bars in CT: Stamford, Norwalk: 2013, taxi - Connecticut
  193. new type of plates in CT?: Hartford: 2013, vehicle registration, DMV - Connecticut
  194. College in Connecticut?: New Haven, Fairfield: credit, home, find a job (CT)
  195. Experience with free, heat, message - Connecticut (CT)
  196. Looking for a Good Property Management Company: Branford: condominium, job - Connecticut (CT)
  197. Do Politicians or Community Leaders Ever Browse the C-D Forums?: town, limit - Connecticut (CT)
  198. How long do you give the new New Haven School Superintendent?: private school, law - Connecticut (CT)
  199. Nanny recommendations?: Middletown, Cromwell: live, infant, town - Connecticut (CT)
  200. Optimum Increases Broadband Speeds for All Customers: 2013, movies - Connecticut (CT)