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  27. Romans 1:18-27. What IS IT addressing?: procreation, women, church, believe - Christianity
  28. The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away,: Revelation, Bible - Christianity
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  52. Fruitful path: church, disciple, Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
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  89. Discussion of Christianity and its relationship to the LGBTQ community: churches, beliefs
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  91. Why would our Creator ever want His Son to suffer...logically?: crucifixion, beliefs - Christianity
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  98. C. S. Lewis was not a Universalist: hell, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  99. Discrepancy between Leviticus 23:6 and Matthew 26:17?: crucifixion, Messiah, believe, exodus - Christianity
  100. Does the bible explain why early civilizations were not monotheistic?: Tanakh, myth - Christianity
  101. we need prayer.: prayers, Jesus, Isaiah, wife - Christianity
  102. For who don’t understand Romans 6: churches, Revelation, after life - Christianity
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  104. Abigail: woman, believe, Matthew, divorced - Christianity
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  110. He that believeth: Gospels, churches, Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
  111. Whole Christian villages wiped out, media silent: believers, pray, Christ - Christianity
  112. when-jesus-comes-he-will-surely-first-give-us-revelation: church, Antichrist, believe, scripture - Christianity
  113. Do the righteous go to the hell christians believe in ?: scripture, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  114. Revelation 13:2: Jehovah, Antichrist, allegory, believers - Christianity
  115. Do people still believe Jesus was white?: church, preaching, Bible - Christianity
  116. Loving Jesus enough to obey Him ensures salvation: crucified, hell, woman - Christianity
  117. Isaiah 53 is referring to the Messiah and NOT The Nation of Israel!: Gospel, preach - Christianity
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  124. Septuagint vs Masoretic Texts: Torah, Tanakh, doctrine, women - Christianity
  125. The Living know they will die, but the dead know nothing.: Revelation, believe - Christianity
  126. Is avoiding hell the only reason to be a Christian?: Gospel, church - Christianity
  127. Do you think it odd there is such a drive for sex, but not to know God?: Gospel, reincarnation - Christianity
  128. Memorial of Jesus: tradition, Jehovah's Witnesses, believe, scriptures - Christianity
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  130. The one, united Church: doctrine, churches, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  131. Jesus came to make more prophets like himself!!: church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  132. Ex-pope Benedict blames the Catholic sex abuse crisis on the 60's sexual revolution, and he is CORRECT!: women, church - Christianity
  133. Baptism without membership?: crucified, Gospels, hell, churches - Christianity
  134. Be not deceived. The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God: hell, church - Christianity
  135. The Heavy Coat of Condemnation that so many Believers wear: scriptures, sinned - Christianity
  136. Was Jesus the archangel Michael?: testimony, doctrine, woman, Messiah - Christianity
  137. Do you believe in faith healers ? Why dont they go to hospitals and heal? Is it due to a lack of faith?: church, Revelation - Christianity
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  140. Miracles that you’ve seen or happened to you: church, pray, blood - Christianity
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  143. When Satan offered Jesus all the lands, did he really think he would take it?: Gospel, church - Christianity
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  145. Two Mountains Of Brass: abomination, women, Revelation, evolution - Christianity
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  148. What IS Christianity ?: Gospel, testimony, church, believe
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  150. Notre Dame Cathedral Burning, People Walking The Streets Crying: believe, prayers, history - Christianity
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  154. Pope Francis accused of heresy: doctrine, church, believer, sin - Christianity
  155. Where do you see Christianity in the next few decades.: churches, beliefs
  156. Isaiah 61:3 Oaks of righteousness.: Tanakh, priests, Jesus, blood - Christianity
  157. Thoughts on the Sri Lanka Muslim terrorist attacks: coffin, pray, Jesus - Christianity
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  161. If Jesus wasn't 100% Human His Achievement Has No Meaning to Humans.: doctrine, beliefs - Christianity
  162. What is God Justice?: punishment, women, church, Revelation - Christianity
  163. Extra Terrestrials (UFOs): believe, evolution, pray, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  164. What do you think of this verse? In Matt 15...: woman, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  165. Galatians 3: believe, exodus, scriptures, Moses - Christianity
  166. Where are raised from the dead?: crucifixion, LDS, doctrine - Christianity
  167. i would like to know more about southern baptists and evangelicals in the South (Bible Belt): Mormon, doctrine - Christianity
  168. Pope Francis asks youth for help in ‘preventing atrocities’ of abuse: church, abstinence - Christianity
  169. The historical reliability of the New Testament: crucifixion, Gospels, church - Christianity
  170. Willy Wonka's Platinum, Gold and Silver ticket winners: hell, Sodom, women - Christianity
  171. The Pew study on nones.: tradition, Gospel, churches - Christianity
  172. Why post-Christian America will be a meaner, unhappier place: Deists, suicide, pray - Christianity
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  179. My problem with Christianity (has to do with forgiveness ): hell, women
  180. Be holy: God, people, accept - Christianity
  181. Does Jesus have a claim to the line of David?: crucifixion, Gospels - Christianity
  182. Americans think God likes all religions....: Revelation, believe, Moses, Jesus - Christianity
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  184. The tribe of Dan.: Revelation, Moses, priest, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  187. Are Born Again & NonDenominational & Evangelical churches the same?: Gospels, Jehovah - Christianity
  188. “Everyone who trusts in me, just as the scriptures have said, rivers of living water shall flow FROM within him.”: Revelation, believers - Christianity
  189. Jesus Did Not Replace The Passover lamb: testimony, woman, Messiah - Christianity
  190. Is this a common christian belief?: dinosaur, church, preacher, believe - Christianity
  191. Abstain from fleshly lust, which war against the soul: women, believe, sinned - Christianity
  192. Loving the pastor I never I would like.: paradise, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  193. Oh my, have u ever done this? Acknowledge Him in all your ways...: believe, pray - Christianity
  194. He who speaks on his own?: believe, scripture, disciple, Jesus - Christianity
  195. The final revelation?: incarnation, Christian, religion, perfect - Christianity
  196. Why do the nations rage, And the peoples meditate a vain thing?: Lord, heaven - Christianity
  197. Reflect with Bishop Barron on Christ's Passion: cross - Christianity
  198. Faith in Motion - Christianity
  199. Train them Up in the way they shoud go: Bible, Biblical, saved - Christianity
  200. Making A Better Man: God - Christianity